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Udyr · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

37% AP

63% AD

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Udyr Strengths & Weaknesses

Pretty strong duelist during the early game and can 1 v 1 any opponent Jungler with ease. The dueling power increases significantly if he has his Red Buff.

Really good Objective control due to his rapid map movements and camp taking abilities. He can take early Dragons quite easily, especially if the enemy team has no form of vision on it.

His pick potential during the mid-game is quite massive. He can work with his Support and Bear StanceE to get some free kills and snowball his lead.


His Ultimate Phoenix StanceR doesn’t really give him any form of a power spike. His overall playstyle still remains the same, and he can be taken down easily if he overextends.

Very dependent on mana, so if someone manages to steal his Blue Buff, he will have a really hard time spamming his abilities and killing someone.

If Udyr has his Bear StanceE on Cooldown, or if he used it with his Flash to stun someone, he will have no form of escape and can be killed if crowd control is layered on him.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Udyr is Strong

You are really good at securing objectives in the early game. Look to secure objectives whenever they’re up.

Find a healthy balance between ganking your allies, farming your jungle and securing objectives. Make sure you do not fall behind in XP by trying to constantly gank.

Look to repeatedly gank lanes that are over extended or Flashless. Your champion is very good at repeatedly ganking lanes over and over again.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Udyr is Strong

Continue to pick up and secure jungle camps whenever possible. Not falling behind in the mid-game is crucial as a Jungler, so make sure you continue to farm!

As you’re a Jungler, you need to try and secure every Drake during the mid-game. Getting them and securing the Dragon Soul for your team will increase your chances of winning the game.

Look for picks with your team. If you can pick someone off, make the call for Baron or Dragon to further your lead.

Late game
25+ min
Udyr is Weak

Look to take down the enemy carries. Focus the backline and try to take them out of the fight. Focus them with your other frontline champions.

As you’re the Jungler, you need to make sure you’re always alive in the late game. If you die before a major objective spawns, the enemy will be able to take it.

Make sure you are always on the side of the map that the next major objective is on. If the Baron is up, always stay on the top side. If you go bot and show yourself, the enemy will take the objective for free.

Jungle pathing

Blue side

Red side

Early Game
Early Game
Power Spikes
Early game

Udyr is already influential at level one. Unlocking his abilities will allow him to clear quickly, but his main spike comes from getting the blue buff. Without it, he can't spam skills and will have a bad time.

Udyr's Bear StanceE will be extremely beneficial as a ganking tool. It not only increases his movement speed but will also allow him to stun enemies. Combined with his Bear StanceE, he can run down immobile enemies.

Level six is a minor power spike as he will put another point into his Ultimate Phoenix StanceR. His damage output will increase significantly and let him take over the game if he is already ahead.

Mid game

He is a bit dependent on his items, so getting his core items will make him spike hard during the game. His tankiness will increase drastically, and his Ultimate Phoenix StanceR and Bear StanceE should allow him to deal a lot of damage.

His ability to pick and lockdown enemies are relatively high. He should roam around with his team and see if he can pick high priority targets. This can translate into free objectives.

Getting level eleven is a massive power spike. It allows him to run enemies down with his increased Ultimate Phoenix StanceR damage and lockdown enemies so that his allies can finish them off.

Late game

Udyr functions as a tank during this phase of the game. He should try to soak up as much damage for his team as possible with his Turtle StanceW and try to secure picks with his Bear StanceE.

Playing around with vision is quite vital for him. He can easily set death brushes with his team and get kills on unsuspecting enemy champions.

Udyr's ability to take neutral objectives should help him take down the objectives quickly. It will be better to take down the enemy jungler by locking them down with his Bear StanceE beforehand.

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