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Rek'Sai Strengths & Weaknesses

Rek’Sai has creative ganking routes that can allow her to dodge commonly placed warding spots.

This champion has a healthy clear as you can use your Burrow / Un-burrowW, become burrowed and get some health back while you move from camp to camp.

Rek’Sai is incredibly mobile which allows her to escape sticky situations with ease thanks to her Furious Bite / TunnelE.


She is very easy to kite as she has low range and is a melee champion. She will struggle killing mobile ADC’s in team fights.

If she goes full damage, she will be very squishy and die easily in team fights. This can make this build path rather risky to go.

Hard to master. Rek’Sai isn’t as easy as a lot of players think. You’ll need to put in a lot of practice if you want to master this champion!

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Rek'Sai is Strong

Your goal in the early game is to gank as often as possible to get your allies ahead. You are a strong early game Jungler, so make sure you try to exploit your early advantage.

Look to secure objectives whenever they’re up. This will give your team an advantage as the game goes along.

Find a healthy balance between ganking your allies, farming your jungle and securing objectives. Make sure you do not fall behind in XP by trying to constantly gank.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Rek'Sai is Strong

Continue to pick up and secure jungle camps whenever possible. Not falling behind in the mid-game is crucial as a Jungler, so make sure you continue to farm!

As you’re a Jungler, you need to try and secure every Drake during the mid-game. Getting them and securing the Dragon Soul for your team will increase your chances of winning the game.

Look for picks with your team. If you can pick someone off, make the call for Baron or Dragon to further your lead.

Late game
25+ min
Rek'Sai is Weak

Look to take down the enemy carries. Focus the backline and try to take them out of the fight. Focus them with your other frontline champions.

As you’re the Jungler, you need to make sure you’re always alive in the late game. If you die before a major objective spawns, the enemy will be able to take it.

Make sure you are always on the side of the map that the next major objective is on. If the Baron is up, always stay on the top side. If you go bot and show yourself, the enemy will take the objective for free.

Jungle pathing

Blue side

Red side

Early Game
Early Game
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Getting her Queen's Wrath / Prey SeekerQ should help Rek'Sai a lot in clearing the jungle camps. The AoE damage is potent in skirmishes.

Rek'Sai's Furious Bite / TunnelE is extremely powerful, mostly when her resource bar is filled up. It can burst enemies down with utmost ease.

Rek'Sai gets a significant power spike once she gets her Ultimate Void RushR. It will grant her a finishing move, which is unavoidable.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Rek'Sai will become more potent as she gets more items. Her dueling and skirmishing potential will increases exponentially with each item.

Rek'Sai's Burrow / Un-burrowW knockup will also play a vital role during this phase of the game. It will let his team land follow up CC on the knocked-up enemies.

Her Ultimate Void RushR will get another spike at level eleven. This will allow her to kill low health targets with ease.

Late game25+ min

Rek'Sai's Passive will be very handy during this phase of the game. Due to the long-range, she will be able to detect enemies and act accordingly.

Her Burrow / Un-burrowW Furious Bite / TunnelE knockup is really potent during this phase of the game. It allows her to single out enemies, burst them down, and finish them with her Ultimate Void RushR.

Her Ultimate Void RushR will have a very short cooldown now. Combined with her Queen's Wrath / Prey SeekerQ damage and Furious Bite / TunnelE true damage, she will be mighty.

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