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Win rate50.9%
Pick rate2.0%
Ban rate2.3%
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Poppy Strengths & Weaknesses

Very strong all-in potential with her Heroic ChargeE. This when combined with her Hammer ShockQ slow, can allow her to lock down an enemy for quite some time.

Her Steadfast PresenceW is the bane of any champion with dashes, especially all the carries who are reliant on their dashes.

Her Ultimate Keeper's VerdictR can allow her to turn the tide of a fight almost immediately as it can turn a 5 v 5 into a 5 v 2 easily. It also acts as a great source of disengage for her.


Can easily be kited by ranged carries even without using their dashes. Her Hammer ShockQ can easily be sidestepped as it has a very short range.

Can be killed easily if she overextends with her Heroic ChargeE. She also acts as a frontline so the enemy can flank her teammates before going for her.

Misuse of her Ultimate Keeper's VerdictR can land both her and her team in huge trouble. This is especially true if the enemy team has some sort of heavy engage which can get on her team’s carry.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Poppy is Average

Focus on getting level 3 first so that you can gank reliably. Try to ask your laners to give you a hard leash and make good use of your Passive.

Once level 3, you will want to actively target overextended targets when you get the chance. This will allow you to get your laners ahead and will allow you to assert a lot of pressure in the game.

Level six isn't that huge of a power spike. It allows you to win neutral, objective fights, though. You can just Ultimate Keeper's VerdictR the enemy laner away so that they can't Smite the objective.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Poppy is Average

Keep ganking and counter ganking when possible. Your presence makes it very hard for the enemy to escape as they can't go near terrain.

Work with your Support and invade the enemy Jungle when possible. This will allow you to easily set vision around, as well as get some picks.

You will want to make team fights unfair by picking off enemies when they are overextended or are playing carelessly. Try not to go too far away from your team while doing so.

Late game
25+ min
Poppy is Average

During team fights, make sure that the enemy can't come close to your carries and soak up as much damage as possible for them. Use your Passive to defend yourself.

Buying a defensive item will help you a lot in this game. It will allow you to all-in enemies freely, and the enemy will take a lot of time trying to kill you.

Cling to the enemy carries like glue to create a rift between the enemy frontline and the backline. This way, the enemy will definitely lose the fight, and then you can win the game.

Jungle pathing

Red side

Blue side

Early Game
Early Game
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Her early game ganks are very potent as she can quickly Heroic ChargeE someone to a wall and allow her teammates to collapse on them in a jiffy. She can also cancel dashes with her Steadfast PresenceW that prevents enemies from escaping.

Level six is a good spike as she can now disrupt fights with the ability. She may also prolong the CC to an enemy if need be.

The first item component will allow her to clear the Jungle quickly and make her deal more damage. It will also let her be tankier during the early game.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Level 11 isn't excellent as she only gets the cooldown on the ability reduced. When compared to other Junglers, it doesn't bring a lot to the table.

Her first ability will be maxed out at level 9. This will let her deal a lot of damage to enemies she has managed to catch. It will also allow her to thwart escape attempts from the enemy.

Poppy is perfect during the mid-game as she can deal consistent damage and can CC enemies for days. Her tankiness makes it impossible for the enemy team to kill her as well.

Late game25+ min

Level 16 isn't that great because she won't be getting a lot except for a reduced cooldown on her Ultimate Keeper's VerdictR. It won't be as strong as other ultimates.

Her tankiness will be out of bounds during this phase of the game. She can keep soaking damage and act as a reliable frontline for her team in fights.

She will have a lot of items during this phase of the game. It will make her tanky and will let her dive face-first into the enemy team. She will play a massive role in disrupting team fights for the enemy team.

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