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Nautilus Strengths & Weaknesses

This champions level 2 is incredibly strong. They can often gain a health advantage or Summoner advantage in the lane by playing aggressive and looking for an early all-in.

You have very good roaming potential once you have Boots of Mobility. This gives you tons of map pressure.

Whenever your Ultimate Depth ChargeR is up, you have a lot of extra kill pressure. Look for picks whenever you have your Ultimate Depth ChargeR up.


They will not be able to all-in the enemy at all if their ADC is constantly pushing the wave in the early game.

Can easily be poked down by ranged champions in the lane. Watching your positioning is key when playing as this champ.

Has to commit to all-ins. If you go in, you’ll be in an overextended position which could allow the enemy to turn the exchange around and kill you. Only go in when your allies are there to follow up.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Nautilus is Average

Nautilus has an incredibly strong level 2, make sure you hit level 2 first and look for an aggressive play.

Staying healthy is key when playing Nautilus. If you get poked down, you’ll never be able to engage. When you’re waiting on your cooldowns, play safe and out of auto-attack range.

Use Nautilus’s strong roaming ability to move around the map and help your allies. Good times to roam are straight from base or when your ADC will be safe and will not die.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Nautilus is Average

Group and stay with your team. Go to ward when you know where the enemy is so you do not get picked off and killed before an objective spawns.

Look for picks with your Ultimate Depth ChargeR. Nautilus can quickly force objectives or team fights with ease if he can catch someone who walks too far forward.

Peel and protect your allies as much as possible in mid-game team fights. If you let them die, it’s going to be difficult for your team to win the fight. After engaging, retreat and peel for your ADC.

Late game
25+ min
Nautilus is Average

Stay grouped with your team. Do not leave your ADC’s side otherwise the enemy will capitalise on the fact that you’re not there to protect your ADC.

Peel for your carries in team fights. After using your Dredge LineQ, fall back and protect your allies and focus the nearest champion.

Look for picks with your Ultimate Depth ChargeR. If you can catch someone out when the enemy is unorganised, you’ll be able to force a team fight or an objective afterwards.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Nautilus gets a power spike as soon as he gets his Dredge LineQ. The presence he can exert with that single ability is enough to keep his enemies far away from him.

Another power spike is when Nautilus gains access to all his basic abilities. He can now all-in someone reliably, without taking a lot of damage.

Nautilus will get a significant power spike when he gets his Ultimate Depth ChargeR. His CC chain is robust at this point, and he can knock up multiple people with his Ultimate Depth ChargeR.

Mid game15 - 25 min

He will get tankier as he gets more items. This will help him roam around, set deep wards, and tower dive as required by his team.

Nautilus will get a significant spike on being able to max hisDredge LineQ. His Dredge LineQ cooldown will be very low now, allowing him to engage frequently.

One central power spike is when Nautilus gets to level eleven and puts the second point in his Ultimate Depth ChargeR. He can now cast his Ultimate Depth ChargeR more frequently and cause a lot of disarray in the enemy team.

Late game25+ min

Nautilus' Titan's WrathW should come in handy during this phase of the game. It will help him tank a lot of damage and deal extra damage to enemies with his auto-attacks.

Playing around vision and trying to all-in high priority targets with his Ultimate Depth ChargeR should allow Nautilus to be extremely useful during this game stage.

Due to the reduced cooldown of his Ultimate Depth ChargeR, Nautilus can use the ability quite liberally. This is applicable when Nautilus sees an opportunity to all-in someone out of position.

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