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Irelia · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

25% AP

75% AD

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Irelia Strengths & Weaknesses

The damage she can deal with a fully stacked Passive, along with her increased damage to shield mechanic, allows her to perform a lot of outplays if she uses her BladesurgeQ in a proper fashion along with her Passive. This can allow her to get rid of multiple enemies single-handedly.

Her Flawless DuetE allows her to land a multi-man CC chain, which can be used as an extension of CC to already CC’d targets. It also allows her to BladesurgeQ to such targets without putting that ability on cooldown. This ability can be the difference between a won team fight, or a botched up all-in, depending on its use.

Her Ultimate Vanguard's EdgeR not only prevents the enemy from escaping quickly, but it also allows her teammates to land their own CC on the slowed/trapped enemy team. It can act as a very effective initiation tool that scores her team a win.


Prone to CC once she goes in. This is lethal for her if the enemy team has layered CC, or if she delves too deep into the enemy team and has no form of follow up from her team.

Her BladesurgeQ usage needs a lot of practice and awareness. If mistimed, that ability will go on cooldown and she won’t be able to do much if she isn’t close to her target. This will also make her prone to CC.

Landing her Ultimate Vanguard's EdgeR on ranged carries can be a grueling task, especially if the enemy has some form of dash. Once her Ultimate Vanguard's EdgeR is down, her all-in potential goes down by a bit as the enemy can kite her out.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Irelia is Average

Irelia’s early game is strong. Look for plays to get an early kill on the enemy laner. If you can get one kill or get an early health lead, you’re going to have an easier time during the laning phase.

Once you’re level 6, play aggressive and look for a kill. You should try to get them low before committing to the all-in, but it should be plain sailing.

Remember your BladesurgeQ will reset if you use it on a low health minion. Keep a constant eye on the minion wave and look for these aggressive plays.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Irelia is Strong

After the laning phase has ended, go to a different lane (or stay top) and just split push. You’re a good split pusher and can draw a lot of attention to your lane.

If somebody tries to contest your split push, look to fight them. Irelia is a good duelist and will be able to fight most enemies who try to stop her.

While you’re a champion that is usually sent to split push, you might need to group with your team if the enemy is trying to force something. Be prepared to rotate around the map and help them fight.

Late game
25+ min
Irelia is Average

In the late game, continue to split push if your team isn’t at risk of dying or getting caught out.

If your team is going to get caught out or if the game isn’t one-sided, you need to group with your team to help them fight.

Play on the side of the map that has the next major objective up so you can rotate to take it with your team. Alternatively, if you have Teleport, you can go to the bot side of the map and use it to get to your team.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Her level one power spike is quite decent, especially if she can stack up her Passive freely. It should allow her to get on top of her enemy with her BladesurgeQ and chunk them easily.

Another minor power spike is when she hits level three. Now she can mark and CC enemies with her Flawless DuetE, which will allow her to use her BladesurgeQ on a target without putting it on cooldown.

Getting her Ultimate Vanguard's EdgeR should help her immensely in the lane. It will make her all-ins more potent and will allow her to set-up ganks from now on.

Mid game15 - 25 min

She will become powerful on getting her core items. Her damage output should be high if she can rack of her Passive before going in.

She has great pick potential with her Flawless DuetE and Vanguard's EdgeR. She can just camp the enemy jungle with her jungler to get free kills.

Her Ultimate Vanguard's EdgeR will be especially useful against a grouped enemy team. It will not only mark them for a BladesurgeQ reset, but will also allow Irelia's team to follow up on them.

Late game25+ min

Her survivability and damage output will keep increasing as she gets more items. Some life steal would be ideal for her as she only needs to survive once she can get into the enemy team with her stacked Passive.

Her dueling potential is pretty potent during this phase of the game. She may choose to split push if she is fed and can draw a lot of attention towards her.

Her Ultimate Vanguard's EdgeR should now be used to capture objectives and trap enemies while they are fighting in closed spaces. She should also try to flank the enemy team when she possibly can.

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