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Pick rate3.7%
Ban rate2.2%
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Dr. Mundo Strengths & Weaknesses

His tankiness and health regeneration are unparalleled and quite valuable during late game fights. He can act as a really potent frontline/disruptor for his team and can go directly for the enemy backline.

Being pushed into the tower isn’t a big hassle for him due to the ease with which he can farm under his tower. The enemy needs to think twice before diving him as he can regenerate a lot of health in a matter of seconds with his Ultimate Maximum DosageR.

His Infected BonesawQ can allow him to catch up to targets quite easily. This is invaluable when he is trying to pull off a gank or when he manages to catch an immobile champion out.


Grievous Wounds, especially during the early game is his mortal enemy and will allow the enemy to take him down with relative ease. The fact that he is extremely weak during the early game doesn’t help him either.

Frequently missing his Infected BonesawQs can take a huge toll on his health. This is also his main catch-up ability so the enemy can try to poke him down for a small time if Mundo misses his Infected BonesawQ on them. This fact is especially true when he is against ranged carries.

He is highly immobile, making it very easy for the enemy Jungler to gank his lane. The enemy laner can deliberately let him push in order to get him to overextend and ultimately killed.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Dr. Mundo is Weak

Play safe in the early game. Wait until you have a few levels and item components under your belt before looking to fight.

Try and keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map in the early game. If you push, the enemy will be able to start a fight or deny you from picking up farm.

Once you’re level 6, play around your Ultimate Maximum DosageR and look for aggressive plays. Try to poke the enemy down with your Infected BonesawQ before looking for an all-in.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Dr. Mundo is Average

Be the frontline for your team at all times. It’s key that when playing Dr Mundo, you’re always towards the front of your team.

When no team fights are occurring, look to split push and draw the enemies attention to you while your team tries to siege another objective somewhere else on the map.

After being the frontline for your team, fall back and peel for your carries with your Infected BonesawQ to keep them alive. If they die fast, the team fight’s over as you’re going to lack damage.

Late game
25+ min
Dr. Mundo is Strong

Stay with your team at all times in the late game. Do not split push or run away from your team as the enemy will use the numbers advantage to start a team fight.

Make sure you’re always stood towards the front of your team at all times. Reposition and stand at the front for as long as possible.

In team fights, stay towards the front of your team to soak up damage. But, peel for your team with your Infected BonesawQ and focus the enemy who is the biggest threat to them (or focus the enemy backline if the enemy frontline is weak) to keep them alive.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Anytime the enemy wave has been thinned out and the wave is pushed into his tower, he can easily use his Infected BonesawQ and Blunt Force TraumaE to run the enemy down. The Infected BonesawQ slow will allow him to catch up to them with ease.

His Infected BonesawQ should allow him to evade ganks with ease. Combined with the Maximum DosageR speed, he is relatively hard to kill during the early game unless he completely pushed up.

Unlocking his Ultimate Maximum DosageR gives him a huge power spike. The health gain makes it nearly impossible for him to die. The bonus movement speed will also let him both catch up to his target or evade a gank.

Mid game15 - 25 min

As the game advances and he gets his core items, he will be able to deal damage, as well as, soak up a lot of damage for his team as a frontline. This enables his backline to deal damage freely.

He can be a good initiator with his Infected BonesawQ and Maximum DosageR. Besides the magic resistance he gets from his Heart ZapperW, his Ultimate Maximum DosageR prevents him from dying or getting burst down quickly.

He is at his strongest when he is with his team as he will get a lot of follow up damage and will be able to help his team get kills. This is really effective when fighting for neutral objectives as he can easily zone out the enemy champions from the objective.

Late game25+ min

His items will make him very tanky during this stage and combined with his Passive and Ultimate Maximum DosageR, he will be a behemoth for the enemy team. Taking him down will be nearly impossible and hence he will be able to completely separate the enemy team's backline from their frontline.

He is at his strongest when his Ultimate Maximum DosageR is up. He can straight up dive the enemy team and completely disrupt their team fighting by just walking towards them.

Dr.Mundo's Infected BonesawQ can allow him to secure picks for his team. The slow can enable his team to follow up on that target with hard CC abilities, or straight up just all-in and burst them down.

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