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Cursed TouchP
Bandage TossQ
Curse of the Sad MummyR
Win rate51.3%
Pick rate2.1%
Ban rate1.0%
Matches35 399-
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Amumu Strengths & Weaknesses

Your Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR is an amazing tool that can deal damage and CC the whole enemy team if you’re able to hit them all with it. This makes Amumu an incredibly strong team fighter.

Amumu’s build path is incredibly versatile. Does your team need a tank? You can build tank. Does your team need AP? You can build AP. If you’re ahead, you could go for a full AP build and blow up the enemies.

Amumu has a fast clear thanks to the AOE damage from his DespairW and TantrumE. This allows him to clear quickly and hit his level 6 power spike before many other Junglers.


Amumu’s early game is non-existent. Focus on power farming and getting as much gold and XP as possible.

You will run out of mana quickly when clearing the jungle. It is important that you avoid using your DespairW and TantrumE too often. Make sure you toggle your DespairW effectively to avoid running out of mana.

Team fighting can be difficult for Amumu as you’re prone to disengage, poke and CC. Be prepared to flank in team fights to make it easier for you to catch the enemy out of position.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Amumu is Average

Try to power farm to level 6. This will help you unlock your Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR quickly and allow you to start ganking your lanes.

Whenever your Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR is up, you should try to gank a lane. Every Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR use should result in a kill. Try to gank as soon as your Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR comes off cooldown.

After successfully ganking the bottom lane, make the call to take the Dragon. Getting all the Dragons will give you an early soul and deny the enemy a variety of buffs.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Amumu is Strong

Continue to look for ganking opportunities whenever your Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyRis up. Play around the cooldown and look for as many ganks as possible.

After successfully winning a team fight, look to take the Baron with your allies. Do not make the call for Baron if you’re low, if the enemy Jungler is nearby or if there's any chance that you’ll be unable to take it quickly.

Keep farming every jungle camp you can so you’re able to stay up in gold and XP to get your required items.

Late game
25+ min
Amumu is Average

Stick with your team and look for picks with your Bandage TossQ. Even taking down 1 enemy could be enough to take a major objective like the Baron or Dragon.

Look for fights where the enemy is grouped closely together (such as in the jungle or around an objective) and try to CC as many enemy champions as possible.

Once you’ve used your Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR on the enemy, ask yourself what you need to do next. Either stick to the enemy backline or peel for your carries. If the enemy has a strong all-in/frontline, be prepared to fall back and help your carries to keep them alive.

Jungle pathing
Early Game
Early Game
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Amumu’s early game is weak. He needs time to come online. Focus on farming and avoid over forcing fights. You need to wait until your first major power spike to be genuinely effective.

Amumu’s first power spike is when he unlocks his Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR. Hitting level 6 is crucial, and you need to hit it as early as possible to help your allies.

Once Amumu has completed his first item, he will be much more robust and more of a menace on Summoners Rift. Make sure you find a healthy balance between ganking and farming to not delay your first item.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Amumu will have multiple items during the mid-game. Depending on his build, he will either deal a lot of damage in team fights, or be incredibly tanky and hard to kill.

At level 11, Amumu will have 2 points in his Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR. This means his Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR will be on a shorter cooldown which can help him in team fights and help his team get picks.

Teams start to group during the mid-game, and as Amumu is a team fighting champion, he is pretty good during this stage of the game.

Late game25+ min

Amumu’s late game is not bad. He will be very tanky as he would be coming towards the end of his build. If he hasn’t gone full tank, his damage output will be quite good in late game team fights.

At level 16, Amumu will put the third and final point in his Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR. His Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR should be on a short cooldown and he should have it up somewhat frequently. Avoid fighting unless it’s up in the late game.

Teams will still be grouped closely together in the late game. This is good for Amumu as he will be able to CC his whole team with his Ultimate Curse of the Sad MummyR.

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