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Alistar Strengths & Weaknesses

Alistar is a very easy Support to learn which makes him a great starting Support for players who want to learn the role.

Your HeadbuttW is really versatile which offers you tons of outplay potential in lane and in team fights. During the laning phase, you can use your HeadbuttW on minions as well as champions to make it easier for you to land your combo.

Your Ultimate Unbreakable WillR offers you tons of protection. It allows you to tower dive the enemy and be the frontline champ your team needs in fights.


Alistar has limited range. With good enemy positioning, it can be incredibly difficult for him to engage.

Unfortunately, Alistar relies on his team more than some other Supports. Before engaging with his HeadbuttW PulverizeQ combo, he needs to make sure his team is nearby and ready to follow up.

Once he’s gone in, it’s difficult for Alistar to escape unless he has Flash. Even with his tanky stats, he is vulnerable in a team fight.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Alistar is Average

Your goal is to hit level three as quickly as you can. Once you unlock your abilities, you should be on the lookout to all-in the enemy whenever they extend beyond their safe zone.

If the enemy laners are playing safe, you should roam around and see if you can make plays elsewhere. The roaming becomes a mandatory thing once you get your boots as Alistar roams are very powerful.

During an all-in, always make sure you HeadbuttW the most important/most mobile target when possible. Always try to call your Jungler before you crash a huge wave into the enemy tower as you can set up a tower dive with your Ultimate Unbreakable WillR.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Alistar is Average

Keep roaming around and invading the enemy Jungle regularly. Drop deep wards whenever you get the chance and try to keep track of the enemy Jungler. You should always backup your Jungler while they are busy invading.

During objective fights, always try to get a multi-man knockup when you can. If such a thing is not possible, focus the enemy Jungler and do whatever you can to keep him out of the objective pit. This will let your Jungler Smite the objective peacefully.

While warding, keep looking at the map and see if you can flank the enemy and dive them under their tower with your Ultimate Unbreakable WillR. Only do this if your team is in a position to follow up, and displace the enemy carry with your PulverizeQ.

Late game
25+ min
Alistar is Average

Keep looking for picks when possible, especially in the side lanes when the enemy carries are trying to catch the waves. Try to sit in the enemy Jungle when possible as it can let you flank the enemy when they push up. You will also be able to catch out the enemy Support while they are warding.

Due to your short Ultimate Unbreakable WillR cooldown, you should try to instigate as many tower dives as you possibly can. Your goal at this point is to all-in the enemy carry/carries, and then move back to your carries while peeling for them. Keep the turret aggro on you if you have to, but drop it once you start getting low.

With your kit, it should be really easy to secure picks before major neutral fights. Do your best to play around with vision and set death brushes when possible. If you manage to take the enemy Jungler out before a major fight, your HeadbuttW and PulverizeQ should allow you to zone the enemy carries out while your team takes the neutral objective.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Alistar’s first power spike is once he hits level 2 as he will gain access to the two main CC tools he needs to start skirmishes with the enemy. Hitting level 2 first and unlocking both your HeadbuttW and PulverizeQ is crucial to gaining an early advantage.

After Alistar has picked up his Boots, he can start to roam around the map freely. As he has a lot of kill pressure, he should look to roam when opportunities arise.

At level 6, Alistar can go for riskier plays thanks to the added protection his Ultimate Unbreakable WillR provides him. At this stage of the game, he can look for potential dive opportunities in the bottom or mid lane.

Mid game15 - 25 min

During the mid-game, teams will start to group. This is good for Alistar as it will allow him to get a multi-person knock-up with his HeadbuttW PulverizeQ combo.

In the mid-game, Alistar’s abilities will be on shorter cooldowns. This can enable him to go for more picks and increase his team's lead.

In addition to lower cooldowns, Alistar would have purchased items that make him incredibly tanky. This is good for Alistar as he will be able to take more damage and survive fights. He can also be a much beefier frontline champion.

Late game25+ min

In the late game, Alistar will be incredibly tanky as he would’ve picked up multiple defensive items that will help keep him and his team alive.

At level 16, Alistar will have put 3 points in his Ultimate Unbreakable WillR. With the insane damage reduction this ability offers him, he should be able to survive all team fights for a long period of time.

Teams will be grouping together in the late parts of the game. This is good for Alistar as he will still be able to get a multi-person knock-up with his HeadbuttW and PulverizeQ combo.

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