Set 2
Set 2: rise of the elements
Set 2: rise of the elements




General info
6 Light has risen to have many different variations revolving around the strong synergy. Lucian, Yorick, Vayne are all competent carries for this comp. This allows for somewhat higher flexibility, but the comp still requires very specific units.
When to make
When you get an early Guardian Angel or find an early Yorick or you find lots of early light units.
Game plan
Early game
Pick all the lights and all the 1 cost pairs you can. Use whatever early synergies you can to build up a win streak for early economy.
Mid game
By this point in the game, if you found Leona early, you can use Lunar in the midgame alongside light. Build up your economy to ensure you can find Yorick and look to put in 6 light as soon as you can.
Additional comp tips
  • At level 7, you should ideally have 6 light along with Karma or Leona. If you need more frontline, go with Leona, or if you need mystic, go for Karma.
  • Soulbound can also be a solid transition synergy to use if you can't find all 6 lights.
  • This comp plays quite simply, but since you require very specific units, try to commit early to ensure you have the economy to find your units.