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Pick rate1.7%
Ban rate0.5%
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Kennen Strengths & Weaknesses

A really good initiator for his team with the ton of CC he brings to the table. Besides that, he also has a reliable form of poke with his Thundering ShurikenQ, which he can use to whittle down enemies.

His Passive is what makes him so dangerous. It allows him to easily CC and pick off multiple enemies with his Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR and Lightning RushE. This allows his team to follow up on him with ease.

He is a lane bully, and his poke allows him to easily beat melee matchups. He can easily use this fact to his advantage and initiate a snowball from his lane.


Quite squishy during the early game and hence can be killed easily. He can either be poked down gradually, which will force him out of the lane, or he can be all-in’d by the enemy laner and the Jungler/Support.

Once his Lightning RushE is down, he becomes a gank target if he is too pushed up. This will allow his laner to get a free kill on him, especially if his laner manages to use some wave management technique to bait Kennen.

Relies on flanks to get team fight wins so proper vision from the enemy’s side will counter him heavily. This will prevent him from getting into the backline of the enemy team and dealing massive amounts of damage.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Kennen is Average

Focus on farming and scaling. Kennen needs time to come online and if you go for a bad trade or fall behind, you’re going to struggle to be useful later on.

If your bot lane rotates to the top side after getting the first tower, rotate to the bottom lane and start to farm there instead.

Use your range and energy advantage to gain an early lead. Try to harass the enemy champion as often as possible.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Kennen is Strong

Split push whenever your Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR is down in the mid-game. While team fighting is important for Kennen, falling behind in gold and XP will make you pretty much useless in team fights.

Look to flank in team fights. Fighting as Kennen can be difficult if the enemy is able to disengage or has poke damage. To make team fighting easier, look to flank from the side.

Whenever your Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR is up or whenever your team is ready, you should group with them.

Late game
25+ min
Kennen is Average

Group with your team and do not leave them. If you start to split push, the enemy will force a fight and kill your team while you’re gone.

Delay team fights while you wait for your Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR to come back up. Do not team fight unless your Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR is up. Additionally, waiting for your Zhonya’s Hourglass to come up would be beneficial too.

If the enemy has lots of disengage or poke, continue to flank in team fights to ensure you get on to the enemy before they’re able to disengage or poke you down.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Level 6 is really strong for Kennen as he gets access to an AoE CC ability which can quickly turn the tide of a fight. Kennen should try to flank enemies for maximal effectiveness.

His first item component will increase his damage significantly. Kennen is obnoxious for his poke damage, and the item will only enhance it.

Kennen isn't very strong early on as he solely relies on AP to maximize his poke damage. He will want to use the lane brushes to catch the enemy off-guard when possible.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Once Kennen has two points in his Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR, he will be able to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy team. He just needs to choose the perfect moment to go in.

Kennen is excellent in team fights due to his Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR. He can pair it with his Flash for a devastating combo on the enemy team, which will leave them helpless.

More items mean more damage for Kennen. This will let him take over the game, and his poke damage will increase significantly in the game.

Late game25+ min

Once Kennen has multiple items, he will be able to single-handedly turn the game's tide. His poke damage will be enough to two-shot squishy carries.

When his Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR gets maxed out, he will be dishing out a truckload of damage. Now Kennen will just have to rely on flanks and the fog of war to set up a good fight.

Late game team fights are often decided in the neutral objective pits while taking an objective. Kennen's Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR will come in very handy during this stage and let him win his team's game.

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