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Galio · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

100% AP

0% AD

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Galio Strengths & Weaknesses

Superb engage potential with his Justice PunchE, along with the extended CC with his Shield of DurandW. This combo can deal respectable amounts of damage and also allow his team to follow up on the knocked up target with ease.

Has a decent amount of waveclear on his Winds of WarQ which he can use to shove the wave in and then roam around to see if he can use his Ultimate Hero's EntranceR to assist other teammates. He doesn’t have to roam too far for this, so he can get back to the lane quickly if the all-in chance disappears.

His Ultimate Hero's EntranceR knockup prevents the enemy team from playing in a clustered formation as that could literally get them killed within the next 2.5 seconds. His Shield of DurandW plays a pivotal role during team fights in such situations.


If he misses his Justice PunchE, the enemy team can quite literally walk up to him (not in melee range) and keep poking and harassing him for a long time.

Can’t do much if the enemy laner wards the river(if he is mid lane)/lane brushes(if he is supporting). As soon as the enemy sees Galio moving out of the lane, they will start playing safely and negate Galio’s threat.

Galio’s effectiveness is greatly reduced if the enemy team positions and spaces correctly during a fight. He is decent against magic damage but AD ranged champions can tear through him, especially after he uses his Justice PunchE.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Galio is Average

Galio needs time to come online. Play safe in the early game so you can scale and come online. Do not get poked down otherwise you’ll fall behind in CS and XP and be no threat later on.

Keep in mind that at level 6, you will have no kill threat in the lane against most enemy mid-laners. Respect the enemies all-in damage past level 6.

Your Ultimate Hero's EntranceR is impactful and can be used to help your allies in their own lane. Keep an eye on what’s happening around you and be prepared to cast your Ultimate Hero's EntranceR to assist your allies.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Galio is Average

When no team fights are occurring, split push and draw the enemies attention to you while your team sieges or makes plays on the other side of the map.

Keep a constant eye on the map during the mid-game so you can assist your allies with your Ultimate Hero's EntranceR when appropriate.

Try and always stay somewhat near your team so you can use your Ultimate Hero's EntranceR to help them. One way you can achieve this is by pushing a side lane with your Winds of WarQ and then running towards them while the wave keeps pushing.

Late game
25+ min
Galio is Average

Stay near your team at all times in the late game. While your Ultimate Hero's EntranceR has a long range, the enemy may force a fight when you show elsewhere on the map.

Play around your Ultimate Hero's EntranceR and wait for one of your allies to engage. Once they’ve gone in, use your Ultimate Hero's EntranceR on them. Alternatively, wait for the enemy to engage and then cast your Ultimate Hero's EntranceR on a carry.

Peel for your carries in late game team fights. Keeping them alive for as long as possible will increase your chances of winning team fights.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

The main power spike is when he gets level two and has access to his Justice PunchE and Winds of WarQ. He can now all-in an enemy and inflict a lot of damage upon them with his Passive.

A minor power spike is achieved when he gets his Shield of DurandW. It bolsters his wave clear and gives him a slight poke advantage against melee champions.

Once he gets his Ultimate Hero's EntranceR, he unlocks his true roaming potential. He can now enable and help his allies by either saving them or chaining his knockup on CC'd opponents.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Most mages are able to get kills at this point but Galio is safer as his Shield of DurandW provides him with a magic damage shield. It can mitigate respective amounts of damage and can be very beneficial during skirmishes.

Fighting in close areas is really good for Galio as his Ultimate Hero's EntranceR knockup radius is large. He can even flank the enemies and then knock them up with his Justice PunchE.

His Shield of DurandW will be very important during objective fights. The pits are small enough for him to Justice PunchE into them and then use his Shield of DurandW on multiple targets.

Late game25+ min

His build will dictate how powerful he is during this stage of the game. If he goes for the tanky build, he will act as a powerful frontline, while he will dish out a lot of damage if he goes for the full AP route.

Due to the shortened cooldown of his Ultimate Hero's EntranceR, he will now be able to use it more frequently. This will allow him to impact fights from a large range as his Ultimate Hero's EntranceR range will also increase.

His Shield of DurandW will again prove very vital during this stage. When that ability is combined with a flank and his Justice PunchE, he can easily go and cause mayhem in the enemy backline while his team deals with whoever they can dispose of quickly.

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