Omen • Valorant

I am everywhere.








Skill Distribution

75% Utility

25% CC

Shrouded Stepc
Dark Covere
From the Shadowsx


Shrouded Step




EQUIP a shadow walk ability and see its range indicator. FIRE to begin a brief channel, then teleport to the marked location.

Omen tips and tricks
  • Omen is an agent that thrives by operating in the shadows, using trickery and misdirection to dominate his opponents.
  • His projectile abilities can be fired through terrain, allowing him to blind and deceive his enemies from unique angles.
  • With two different teleportation abilities, he's able to slip through cracks for a flank or escape from the clutches of death where other agents could not.


  1. Use Omen's eDark CoverDark Cover in combination with his teleportation abilities. For example, you can either walk into a smoke and teleport out of it or place a smoke and teleport into it.
  2. Compared to other smokes in Valorant, Omen's eDark CoverDark Cover is hollow, acting like a small enclosed room. This can be a blessing or a curse based on the situation so be sure to keep it in mind.
  3. Omen's ultimate, xFrom the ShadowsFrom the Shadows, is very versatile but timing is everything. Since it makes a very loud noise, it's easy to let it go to waste if your opponents are ready to find and kill you. Try to use it when they are preoccupied with a firefight or when another loud ability is being used, like Brimstone's xOrbital StrikeOrbital Strike to capitalize on the chaos.
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