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Power Spike

Demon ShadeP
Hate SpikeQ
Last CaressR
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Win rate51.4%-
Pick rate3.7%-
Ban rate8.4%-
Matches94 250-
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Evelynn Strengths & Weaknesses

Her all-in burst damage is quite high and can easily get rid of squishy enemy carries. Once she unlocks her Ultimate Last CaressR, any enemy carry who is left alone will die as soon as Evelynn goes in on them.

Once she gets one or two items, she becomes a force to reckon with. Combined with her level six, if the enemy team doesn’t invest in Control Wards, they will get run down easily.

Her Ultimate Last CaressR allows her to escape situations where she may get CC’d and killed. This allows her to just faceplant herself on one enemy carry, kill them, and ult back to a safe spot.


Can’t gank very effectively until she gets her level six. She will be heavily reliant on the enemy team pushing up and will thus spend most of the time power farming.

Control Wards are her mortal enemies. If the enemy team invests a lot in them and places them in key spots, it will become very hard for Evelynn to pull off successful ganks.

She will have to be really careful while she is ganking someone when her Ultimate Last CaressR is on cooldown. This is very important when she is ganking someone who has a lot of CC in their kit.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Evelynn is Average

Power farm up until level 6 when you unlock your Ultimate Last CaressR. Once Evelynn hits level 6 she will become invisible and be able to roam around the map and dodge vision.

Once your Ultimate Last CaressR is up, look to assassinate targets who are alone or low. This will increase your chances of snowballing and winning the game.

Avoid fighting in the very early game. You need time to come online, so focus on farming and surviving.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Evelynn is Strong

Look to assassinate enemies with your Ultimate Last CaressR. Catching someone out while they go to ward or move from one lane to another is a great way of getting ahead.

Focus on securing objectives when possible in the mid-game. You can take them alone or with your team.

Look for picks on enemies who are too far forward or alone. You can get right on top of them before they’re able to react thanks to your Passive.

Late game
25+ min
Evelynn is Average

Flank in team fights and focus key targets. Taking down the enemy ADC at the start of the fight will make team fighting much safer for your team.

Avoid wandering too far from your team. While Eve is an assassin and can get picks with her Last CaressR , if she gets caught out of position and too far away from her team, the enemy will be able to kill you and then take an objective.

Look for picks in the late game. If you can take someone down, you can use the numbers advantage to force a fight or an objective. A good time to look for a pick is when the enemy is clearing camps, side waves or waiting on their allies to group.

Jungle pathing
Early Game
Early Game
How to Play Evelynn
How to Play Evelynn
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Evelynn’s weak in the early game. Keep this in mind and focus on farming so you can hit your first major power spike.

At level 6, Evelynn will reach her first power spike. Unlocking her Ultimate Last CaressR is very important and she can start ganking once she unlocks it.

The first Mythic item for Evelynn is very important. She needs to get it as quickly as she can to make her ganks more successful.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Evelynn will max her Hate SpikeQ at level 9. She will be much stronger at this stage of the game.

Eve is very good in the mid-game as enemies will be walking around the map on their own. As Evelynn is an assassin, if she can get picks on isolated targets she can get herself a huge lead.

At level 11, Evelynn’s Ultimate Last CaressR will deal more damage and she will be incredibly strong at this stage of the game.

Late game25+ min

Evelynn starts to be harder to play in the late game as teams will be grouping together. It will be harder for her to pick off targets when they’re stacked as 5.

In the late game, enemy champions will start to build defensive items. It will be harder for you to one-shot any squishy target.

If you’re ahead, regardless of how much the enemy team groups you can pick people off with ease. Just don’t over commit to doing it and make sure you always cast your Ultimate Last CaressR to escape.

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