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Kassadin · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

100% AP

0% AD

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Kassadin Strengths & Weaknesses

Post-six, he can start avoiding ganks and can roam around and try to get kills. Once he gets the snowball rolling, it is very hard to stop him, especially if he hits level eleven.

Excellent burst damage potential on a mispositioned enemy. This becomes extremely strong from level eleven, and can practically one-shot targets.

Due to his Ultimate RiftwalkR and his item spikes, if he manages to get some kills early on with the help of his Jungler and Support, he will completely take over the game effortlessly.


His early game is very weak and he can be killed countless amounts of time during this phase. If he isn’t able to get his item spikes early on, he will take quite some time to come online.

Can be easily camped during the entirety of the laning phase. This can hamper him from CS’ing and will set him back massively.

Extremely weak against all-in champions, especially ones who have dashes or blinks. He is also vulnerable whenever he doesn’t have Flash early on, hence proper wave management can really be devastating for him.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Kassadin is Weak

Play safe in the early game. You need time to come online and if you fall behind, you will struggle to lane and you will delay your first major power spike.

Focus on power farming and minimizing trading until you’re level 6. Once you unlock your Ultimate RiftwalkR, you can start to be more aggressive.

Once you’re level 6, you can look to play more aggressive as you can use your Ultimate RiftwalkR as a trading tool and something to fall back on.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Kassadin is Average

Powerfarm in the mid-game. You need to earn as much gold and XP as possible so you can level up quickly.

Avoid fighting too much in the mid-game. It’s better for you to only fight when it’s going to work in your favour. Focus on farming rather than fighting.

Split up and farm the side waves once your ADC and Support have rotated to the mid lane.

Late game
25+ min
Kassadin is Strong

Group in the late game and stay with your team. If your team is good at team fights, stick with them.

If your team isn’t ahead or not very strong, you could try to split push and draw the enemies attention while your team sieges an objective elsewhere or does the Baron.

Kassadin is very good at getting picks thanks to his Ultimate RiftwalkR. Look for picks in the late game to get your team ahead. Capitalise on the numbers advantage by pushing and taking objectives afterwards.

Power Spikes
Early game

Getting his Null SphereQ will give him a minor power spike if he is against an AP champ. This is due to the shield aspect of his Null SphereQ.

Another minor spike is when he gets his Force PulseE. Now he can set up ganks for his Jungler due to the Force PulseE slow, as well as damage enemy champions who are in his AoE radius.

One important power spike is when he procures his Ultimate RiftwalkR. Now he can be safer from ganks while also use the ability aggressively to deal damage to the enemy.

Mid game

He will keep getting more powerful as he gets his items and levels up. Once he levels up to level 11, he should be able to use his Ultimate RiftwalkR way more efficiently.

His ability to cancel channels with his Null SphereQ can be massive during this phase of the game. This is especially true if his lane partner has taken Teleport, and is using it to help reinforce some other lane.

Kassadin's AoE damage is not to be ignored during this phase of the game. If he manages to roam and get some clean up kills, he will become a monster during the late game.

Late game

This is when Kassadin gets his true power spike. Now he can actually chase people down and burst them after softening them up with his Null SphereQ and Force PulseE.

Once Kassadin gets level 16, he unlocks his god-mode. With the proper items, he will be a threat to the enemy team and can quite easily 1 v 5 them.

Kassadin's Null SphereQ can prove to be very handy during this phase. If he manages to land it on someone who has some form of channeling defensive spell on them, they won't be able to use it on time and Kassadin will probably just kill them before the effect runs out.

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