Slayer Overview


The Slayer is the female counterpart of Berserker, which means she shares his identity and some of his skills. However, they do not share the same class engravings, so her gameplay turns out to be very different.

She is a melee damage dealer that sacrifices some utility that other classes have to be able to dish out very high numbers. At the same time, she has fast movement and animations, and her skills have great range. This makes her a comfortable class to be played, even if you need to reposition for back attacks. The downside is that both builds are tied to buff timers.

Her builds do not have high entry points, so new players that don’t have access to endgame gear can play it without much problem.

Class mechanics

BURST MODE Attack and use your skills to start filling up the identity bar. When the bar is filled, you can activate Slayer’s special state, called Burst Mode. During Burst Mode, you get +20% movement speed and attack speed, plus +30% crit rate and access to a unique skill called Bloodlust. When activated, the identity bar will deplete and the Burst Mode ends when the bar gets empty.

BLOODLUST This skill is special in the sense that it deals the highest amount of damage over all other skills, while also dealing high stagger and destruction damage. Not only that, you are immune to knock-ups during cast.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • High damage output
  • Good survivability
  • Simple playstyle
  • Fast animations
  • High movement speed
  • Access to movement skills


  • Low utility
  • Back attacker
  • Relies on buff timers


Slayer’s biggest strength is dealing damage. So her role in a PVE environment is to maximize DPS, cycling the important damage skills every time they come off cooldown and ensuring the Burst Mode is frequently active.


Slayers have high mobility, so you can play the role of assassin, trying to pick off the enemy’s squishy backline or as a support for the front line, taking some of the heat from the tanks.

Although she is melee, her skills have very good range. A skilled player will know how to abuse this during skirmishes with other melee classes.