Class Item

Stats Priority


FunnelwebLegendary Submachine Gun

Recommended Perks: Adrenaline Junkie and Subsistence


Contraverse HoldExotic Gauntlets

These gauntlets are great for grenade ability regen on hit and deadlier void grenades

How it Works

Contraverse Hold - Has a grenade energy return of 20-25% on damage procs with charged grenades

This same energy return can proc only twice due to there being an internal 4 second cooldown upon the first proc of damage and grenade energy return from Contraverse Hold. Luckily Vortex Grenades last just over that time span, which enables you to get two instances of returned grenade energy when an enemy his hit with the

Chaos Accelerant - This build's bread and butter, where the magic all starts, allows you to charge grenades, making them deadlier, and gives Vortex Grenades a longer duration. Feed the Void - Defeating a target with an ability will activate Devour, instantly regening lost health and enabling every subsequent kill thereafter to heal, regenerate a small amount of grenade energy, and extend Devour's duration.

Echo of Undermining - Grenades that weaken targets applying a 15% debuff to the target? Yes please! Not to mention this is a must have with its synergy with Echo of Harvest and this build's Void Breach and Orb of Power creation.

Echo of Instability - This is why using a good ad clearing void weapon is necessary. You will constantly be getting kills with grenades, and in turn you'll have a near 100% uptime on Volatile Rounds. This has immense synergy with Echo of Expulsion as Volatile Round explosion kills activate the explosion from Echo of Expulsion.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Hold grenade button to charge a grenade
  2. Throw charged grenade at an enemies, and kills will grant volatile rounds
  3. Clear ads with Funnelweb utilizing Volatile Rounds
  4. Collect orbs of power and void breaches to regen abilities, and repeat the loop