Astra • Valorant

You are divided!








Skill Distribution

50% Utility

50% CC

Gravity Wellc
Nova Pulseq
Nebula / Dissipatee
Astral Form / Cosmic Dividex


Gravity Well




45s cooldown

pull duration


vulnerable duration




Place Stars in Astral Form (X).

ACTIVATE a Star to form a Gravity Well.

Players in the area are pulled toward the center before it explodes, making all players still trapped inside vulnerable.

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Astra tips and tricks

Ghanaian agent Astra is a literal unearthly force that has to be reckoned with in every situation of combat going forward.

Both defensively as well as offensively Astra provides a large variety of strengths but technically she belongs to the Controller class within Valorant.

She is the most complex but also potentially the most powerful agent in the game so far.


  1. Don’t be stingy with your stars. You can recall each and every one of them at any time and you can even use the recall for your advantage. That’s because when recalling a Star with F an only 2 seconds lasting smoke identical to a eNebula / DissipateNebula / Dissipate is set off.
  2. Use your own abilities in combination. For example, you can place 2 Stars right next to each other and turn one into a eNebula / DissipateNebula / Dissipate and the other one into a cGravity WellGravity Well. Nearby enemies are drawn into the middle of the eNebula / DissipateNebula / Dissipate by the cGravity WellGravity Well and you can easily kill them by just shooting into the smoke.
  3. Activate Stars placed in common choke points with a qNova PulseNova Pulse at or shortly before contact. A possible use case could be to trigger a qNova PulseNova Pulse at the beginning of the round in an anticipated enemy Operator peek spot. The stunning effect of Astra’s qNova PulseNova Pulse de-scopes the Operator player and you are free to take the desired map control without having to fear an early death.
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