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Ahri · Orta Kılavuz




Güç Artış Noktaları (Erken, Orta, Geç)

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Ahri Güçlü ve Zayıf Yönleri

Ahri’s Passive offers her extra sustain in lane which can help her survive even the toughest of matchups. While the healing isn’t much, it can be impactful.

Thanks to Ahri’s Ayartan ÖpücükE, she has great pick potential throughout all stages of the game. When used in conjunction with her Ruh SaldırısıR, she will be able to catch enemies out of position and increase her gold lead.

In team fights, your mobility is quite formidable. With your Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR, you’re able to flank the enemy from the side, get a kill and then escape before anyone is able to catch you.


Ahri is quite vulnerable when her Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR is down. Play safer and avoid committing aggressive plays while it is on cooldown.

Ahri has multiple skill shots which makes her somewhat harder than many champions. Additionally, her Ayartan ÖpücükE hitbox isn’t the biggest, so it can be difficult to land.

Ahri can be difficult to play into team compositions with heavy CC. While she does have tools to help her dodge these abilities, she will be limited on how and when she can use her Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR. For example, she may have to wait for the enemy to use their CC tool before using her Ruh SaldırısıR aggressively.

Oyun planı
Erken oyun
0 - 15 dk
Ahri'nin Ortalama

Focus on farming up and getting your Lost Chapter as quickly as you can. While using your Aldatan KüreQ, try to hit both the minions as well as the enemy to maximize the efficiency of this ability.

You are not very mobile before you get your Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR, so always keep a track of the enemy Jungler's position. Hug the wall opposite to the side where the enemy Jungler was last seen.

Once you unlock your Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR, it is time to begin roaming and securing kills elsewhere after shoving the wave in. Sometimes, the enemy laner may follow you. If they do this without vision, just hide in the Jungle and kill them when they walk too close to you.

Orta oyun
15 - 25 dk
Ahri'nin Güçlü

You should focus more on roaming and killing overextended enemies whenever your Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR is up. When the Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR is not up, just focus on shoving your wave but don't overextend while doing that.

Try swapping to a side lane as soon as you can. It will allow you to chase enemies more easily with your Ultimate and Ayartan ÖpücükE. Securing picks during this stage will make it easier for your team to obtain neutral objectives.

During fights, always try to get to the enemy backline by flanking them from out of vision. A Sweeper may help you with that. If you can't do so, just keep chipping on the enemy frontline, till you can catch someone out with your Ayartan ÖpücükE.

Geç oyun
25+ dk
Ahri'nin Ortalama

Keep farming up till you get to the full build. Once that is done (or while farming), you may use the minion wave as bait and set up death brushes around it. It will allow you to catch enemies unaware with your Ayartan ÖpücükE and burst them down before they can react.

Team fighting should be similar to the mid-game. Always look for ways to flank the enemy and take out one or two squishy members of their backline. This will also act as a signal for your team to engage, and if they don't engage, you can always use your last Ultimate Ayartan ÖpücükE charge to get out.

The fog of war is your friend and you should use this to set up death brushes with your team. This works especially well when a major fight is going to take place for a neutral objective like the Baron. Also, try to take fights in closed areas like the Jungle, as it will let you hit multiple people with your Aldatan KüreQ.

Power Spike
Erken oyun0 - 15 dk

At level 2, Ahri will have access to both her Aldatan KüreQ and Ayartan ÖpücükE. Once she hits this level, she can look for a favourable trade.

As soon as Ahri hits level 6, her kill pressure and pick potential increases. You can look for kills with your Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR when the enemy overextends.

Once you’ve recalled and picked up your first component item, your Aldatan KüreQ damage and wave clear will increase dramatically. You will be able to push the enemy into their tower with ease once you have this item.

Orta oyun15 - 25 dk

When Ahri hits level 11, she will have 2 points in her Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR. This offers her extra pick potential during the mid-game.

At level 9, Ahri will max out her Aldatan KüreQ. She will be able to easily push the minion wave during this stage of the game. Mix this with the items she picks up beforehand, she can constantly keep the enemy pushed into their tower.

Since Ahri is a burst Mage Assassin, when multiple items are completed, she will be able to secure picks on squishy targets throughout the mid-game: leading to a possible neutral objective advantage.

Geç oyun25+ dk

In the late game, you should be near max build. You should be able to easily take down any champion who you might come into contact with. Set up ambushes and look to blow up an unexpecting enemy.

Once you’re level 16, you will have 3 points in your Ultimate Ruh SaldırısıR. You can look for more aggressive plays and look for picks on overextended targets. It will be on a low cooldown in the late game, so don’t be afraid to go for risky picks as you can use it to escape if you miss your Ayartan ÖpücükE.

Ahri falls off in the late game as the enemy will be healthier, and most champions will buy defensive items to protect them. It is unlikely you will be able to burst down any frontline champions, but you can quite easily take down the enemy Support or ADC.

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