Team comps

Hyperroll Predators

Last updated a year ago for 10.5 Patch




General info

By using items like Red Buff and Ionic Spark, this comp makes great use of the Predator passive. At level 7 you simply run the best units you can, and at level 8 you can look to add Mystic. Priorities to 3 star are Kog'Maw and Skarner.

When to make

When you start with a lot of early predators units.

Game plan
Early game

Predators make for a great early game, Red Buff is a great item with the Predator passive, and it's also a good early game item, it's the perfect start.

Mid game

After hyperolling you should look to econ back up to look for your poison and crystal units.

Additional comp tips
  • The comp does its best work when you can get your 1 cost units to 3 star, so we would suggest only playing this comp when you have a good start for it and not forcing it.

  • You can run either Warwick or Rek'Sai depending on what you find. You can opt to run Nocturne at level 7 if you are running Rek'Sai.