Item Bonus
Good for

Every 5 seconds, the holder radiates an aura to allies within 2 hexes, healing them for 22% of their missing Health. Affected allies take 25% reduced damage from multi-target abilities and attacks for 5 seconds.

Radiant Bonus: +300 Health

Blessed Bloodthirster

Damage heals the holder for 35% of the damage dealt. Once per combat at 40% Health, gain a 35% maximum Health shield that lasts up to 5 seconds.

Radiant Bonus: +20 Attack Damage

Blue Blessing

Unique: Grant 20 bonus starting Mana. After casting their Ability, the holder gains 30 Mana.

Radiant Bonus: +10 Ability Power

Brink of Dawn

When the holder first drops below 50% Health, they briefly enter stealth, becoming untargetable and shedding negative effects. After coming out of stealth, the holder gains 40% bonus Attack Speed. Triggers again at 30% Health.

Bulwark's Oath

Grant 30 bonus starting Mana. Once per combat: At 50% Health, allies within 3 hexes gain a 20% maximum Health shield that lasts up to 10 seconds. Shielded allies gain 30 Armor and 30 Magic Resist for the rest of combat. Unique

Chalice of Charity

When combat begins, the holder and all allies within 1 hex in the same row gain 45 Ability Power and 10% Omnivamp for the rest of combat.

Covalent Spark

Enemies within 3 hexes have their Magic Resist reduced by 50%. When they cast an Ability, they are zapped, taking magic damage equal to 250% of their max Mana.

Radiant Bonus: Regenerate 1% max Health per second

Demon Slayer

The holder's Abilities and attacks do 40% bonus damage. If the target has more than 2200 maximum Health, the bonus increases to 70%.

Dragon's Will

Grants 300 bonus Magic Resist (including components). On being hit by magic or true damage from an Ability, launch a fireball at the Ability's caster that deals magic damage equal to 40% of their max Health (1 second cooldown).

Radiant Bonus: Regenerate 8% max Health per second

Dvarapala Stoneplate

The holder gains 30 Armor and 30 Magic Resist for each enemy targeting them.

Radiant Bonus: Regenerate 2% max Health per second

Eternal Whisper

Physical damage reduces the target's Armor by 50% for the rest of combat. This effect does not stack.

Radiant Bonus: +35% Critical Strike Chance

Fist of Fairness

At the beginning of each planning phase, the holder gains both of the following: +40 Attack Damage and +40 Ability Power. Attacks and Abilities heal for 40% of damage dealt.

Glamorous Gauntlet

The holder's magic and true damage from their Ability can critically strike. The holder gains 40% bonus Critical Strike Damage.

Guinsoo's Reckoning

Attacks grant +10% bonus Attack Speed for the rest of combat. This effect can stack any number of times.

Radiant Bonus: +30% Attack Speed

Hextech Lifeblade

The holder's damage heal them for 35% of the damage dealt. The holder also heals their lowest health ally for the same amount.

Radiant Bonus: +30 Ability Power

Locket of Targon Prime

When combat begins, the holder and all allies within 2 hexes in the same row gain a shield that blocks 400/500/600★ damage for 60 seconds. Radiant Bonus: Grants 200 Health for all allies at the start of combat.

Luminous Deathblade

Grant 50/75/100★ bonus Attack Damage (including components).


Unique: When combat begins, the wearer summons a whirlwind on the opposite side of the arena that removes the closest enemy from combat for 8 seconds. Ignores CC immunity.

Radiant Bonus: +10% Attack Speed for all allies at the start of combat

More More-ellonomicon

Unique: Gain 35 bonus Ability Power. When the holder deals magic or true damage with their Ability, they burn the target, dealing 60% of the target's maximum Health as true damage over 30 seconds. and reducing healing by 50% for the duration of the burn.


Unique The holder gains immunity to crowd control in combat for 30 seconds.

Radiant Bonus: +60% Attack Speed

Rabadon's Ascended Deathcap

Grants 120 bonus Ability Power (including components).

Rapid Lightcannon

Increases the holder's Attack Range by 2 hexes and grants 75% bonus Attack Speed (including components). The wearer's attacks can no longer miss.

Rascal's Gloves

At the beginning of the planning phase, the holder equips 2 temporary Radiant items. Consumes three item slots

Rosethorn Vest

Grants 120 Armor (including components). Negates 75% bonus damage from incoming critical hits. On being hit by an attack, deal 125/175/225★ magic damage to all nearby enemies (once every 1.5 seconds).

Runaan's Tempest

The holder's attacks fire a bolt at another nearby enemy, dealing 100% of the holder's Attack Damage and applying on-hit effects. These bolts can critically strike.

Radiant Bonus: +20% Attack Speed

Shroud of Reverance

Unique: When combat begins, the holder shoots a beam straight ahead that delays affected enemies' first spellcast, increasing their max Mana by 50% until they cast.

Radiant Bonus: +15 Mana for all allies at the start of combat

Spear of Hirana

The holder's attacks restore 12 additional Mana. Radiant Passive: +50 Ability Power.

Statikk Favor

Every third attack from the holder unleashes a chain lightning that bounces to 8 enemies, dealing 110 magic damage and reducing their Magic Resist by 50% for 5 seconds.

Sunlight Cape

Gain 600 bonus Health (including components). Every 1.5 seconds, a random enemy within 3 hexes is burned for 60% of their maximum Health as true damage over 30 seconds. Any healing they receive is reduced by 50%.

Titan's Vow

When the holder takes damage or inflicts a critical strike, they gain 3 Attack Damage and Ability Power. This stacks up to 25 times, at which point the holder gains 50 Armor and Magic Resist.

Urf-Angel's Staff

In combat, gain 30 Ability Power every 4 seconds. +20 Ability Power.

Warmog's Pride

Grants 1000 bonus Health (including components).

Radiant Bonus: Regenerate 1% max Health per second


Grant bonus Attack Damage and bonus Ability Power. After damaging a shielded enemy, Abilities and attacks deal more damage for X seconds.

Zeke's Harmony

When combat begins, the holder and all allies within 1 hexes in the same row gain 50% Attack Speed and 10% Omnivamp for the rest of combat.

Zenith Edge

Unique Grants 75% Critical Strike Chance (including components) and 10% Critical Strike Damage. Each point of Critical Strike Chance above 100% becomes +1% Critical Strike Damage. Radiant Bonus: +40% Critical Strike Damage

Zz'Rots Invitation

At the start of combat, the holder taunts enemies within 4 hexes. When the holder dies, a Radiant Voidmother with bonus stats arises taunting nearby enemies. Radiant Voidspawns that arise from summoned units are 25% effective.