Summoner Overview


The Summoner fulfils the ultimate pet class fantasy in Lost Ark. If you ever wanted to have mythical creatures do your bidding and wreak havoc on the battlefield alongside you, then this is the right choice for you. Although similar to playing other mage classes in that you have a selection of ranged classes, Summoners will rely on their summons to do damage and hence have more freedom with their own actions.

You have a choice between several summons, each unique and fulfilling a purpose, making this class one of the most versatile in the game. Summoners are versatile and powerful with great damage and stagger. Combined with their "hands free" playstyle, this makes them ideal for progression!

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Class mechanics

Summoners build up their meter by doing damage with their spells and summons. Its direct damage skills hit hard depending on your specialization points.

If you're full, you can use the highest damage identity skill that paralyzes an enemy and deals a lot of damage to it.

Depending on your favorite build, you can choose between 5 identity summons:

: Weakpoint (destruction) Level 2 - low damage.

: Weakpoint (destruction) Level 2 - Mid-High Stagger + moderate damage.

: Weakpoint (destruction) Level 2 - AoE skill + moderate damage.

: Most Stagger - high damage - Shield - CC.

: Mid-Stagger - most damage.

You can swap between those skills by clicking or using X button.

While using summons, you can control their movement & Attack by pointing the mouse cursor on a foe and pressing SHIFT button.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Ranged class with high mobility options
  • High damage with options for consistency and burst
  • Easy to initially do well with but rewards mastery


  • Squishy
  • Hard to master

Class playstyle

Every single Summoner spell/summon has an AoE component and many of them can wipe out hordes in a single cast. Some of the harder-hitting ones are used as primary single target damage spells. Major damage spells/summons have cast times, although you can often spec to remove the cast time for a slightly weaker output.

The Summoner’s identity skills have Destruction (weak point) attached to them and the class has a respectable amount of stagger, although definitely not top-tier compared to a class like Scrapper or Gunlancer. Many of their skills have status effects attached to them, such as Burn, Poison, Freeze or Electrocute which help you control the battlefield.

If you are looking for a class that can do lots of damage through huge burst or consistent damage spam all while being safe from afar, look no further. Summoner is easy to pick up and play because of their lack of attack positional requirements, but they are difficult to master so you can find a lot of nuance that may appeal to you.


You will spend most of your time as a Summoner alternating between your instacasts and waiting for windows to cast your bigger skill depending on which playstyle and summons you choose. Pay attention to your positioning to set yourself up for succeeding by using your movement ability thoughtfully to dodge boss attacks. Don’t lose sight of the main reason you are in the group - to do tons of damage!


In PvP, Summoners would be wise to stay in the backline, summoning their minions to stun or knock down enemies. Using your identity summons wisely can guarantee your win.

The bane of any Summoner is a good melee player constantly chasing you, especially Scrappers. By using your mobility wisely and coordinating with your team, play keep away and continue to be effective with your instacasts.