Shadowhunter Overview


Shadowhunter is one of the most beginner-friendly melee classes you can play having a straightforward set of skills that still bring a lot of damage to the table.

You do have amazing mobility and short cooldowns on some abilities but sometimes you will find yourself waiting for them to come back up. This mobility is desperately needed, as you’d expect as an Assassin since Shadowhunters do not have the highest health totals outside of Demon form.

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Class mechanics

Shadowhunters have two distinct playstyles with their Normal Mode and Demon Mode. In Normal form you’ll be concentrating mostly on normal abilities and attacks. You’ll still build up your Shadowburst meter but you’ll spend it on empowering skills instead of becoming a Demon.

If you want to play as a Demon then you’ll focus on filling your Shadowburst meter with Intrude skills as quickly as possible allowing you to transform and gain a new set of skills, more health and move speed.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Powerful burst/constant damage
  • No positioning needed
  • High mobility
  • Cheap to build


  • Boring in early game
  • Hard to master in PvP

Class playstyle

The main playstyle of this class is you build up Shadowburst meter for 2 reasons:

  1. To transform if you're using the Specialization build and using
  2. To empower some normal skills like if you're using engraving.


  • In Demon Form your skills are extremely powerful and they will also stagger and knock down enemies. You cannot be staggered yourself but you can still be stunned and knocked back. Once Demon Form ends, you will enter Composure mode and be unable to fill your Shadowburst meter for 30 seconds.
  • Normal skills also are powerful, some of the skills are ranged and some are melee, it's versatile class when it comes to PvE and raiding also very powerful.


In PVP, Shadowhunters rely more on their mobility and range even though they are a melee class. You’ll be looking to poke and catch players who don’t have their stand up or defensive skills so you can burst them with big demon form abilities.

You have a lot of damage and a lot of mobility but you don’t have huge amounts of health or push immunity so you’re not a frontline damage dealer.

Shadowhunters are pretty good in 1v1 situations but you’ll be fighting from range and dashing around a lot.

Most of your big skills are also skillshots so if everyone is dashing around you might have a few issues connecting your abilities.

Core abilities

Cruel CutterThrust ImpactDemolitionDemonic CloneHowlDecimateFallen RuinGate of Eruption

Cruel Cutter

Toss your weapon and wipe out foes in front of you, inflicting up to 762.5 Damage as you move forward. Airborne foes are launched back in the air when hit.