Machinist Overview


The Scouter (Machinist) is a very unique class, it utilises a drone and a submachine gun to deal great damage, but then also has the ability to transform into Iron Man and use lasers instead.

Scouters have the ability to micromanage their untargetable drone, so they can zone enemies and peel for allies from a large distance in PvP, or instead use the drone to safely use some skills on the boss. The drone and the human parts of the class can be thought of as mostly separate. You can use a drone skill, then a human skill and have them both cast simultaneously - the exception being the extremely strong fusion skills that use both your drone and character to unleash powerful attacks, or provide greater utility.

Scouters ultimately have the choice between being Iron Man, or wielding their submachine gun and drone. These two playstyles are vastly different and have interesting mechanics and combos to explore. Both are very viable, extremely fun and have engaging challenges to overcome.

Class mechanics

Scouters build up their meter by dealing damage to enemies using their drone skills and fusion skills. Once fully charged up the Scouter can transform and go into Hypersync :

  • Extra movement speed
  • Increased attack power
  • Big shield
  • Different set of skills

Note: If this shield is broken in Hypersync, the Scouter will change back to human form.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Great damage synergy
  • Fun to play


  • Very squishy
  • Lack of push immunity


Depending on your choice of class engraving, you will spend most of your time in either the human form, or the Hypersync. In human form you will use a combination of drone skills, normal skills and fusion skills to output as much damage as you can, as opposed to using said skills to charge up your identity to transform and deal your damage in your Hypersync - where you will have another kit at your disposal. Scouter is one of the squishiest classes in the game, so ensure you are dealing damage safely and not ignoring mechanics.


In PvP, good scouters will be able to micromanage their drones to; zone, peel and catch people. Scouters also have very good burst damage that they can cast from the distance. In Hypersync mode you will be immune to stagger and can engage the enemy to output great damage.

Similar to PvE, Scouters need to be extremely careful as they are extremely squishy, making sure that you are in a safe place to cast a skill before doing so is vital to make sure you don’t get caught as failing to do so in most cases will cause you to take significant damage.

Core abilities

Command: Baby DronesCommand: Raid MissileMobile ShotEnergy BusterEchelon BeamAir StrikeCommand: Final Explosion

Command: Baby Drones

The drone sends 9 small self-destructing drones to the target location, inflicting 814.3 total Damage.