Artist Overview


The Artist is a versatile support that wields her brush to attack her foes or summon holy beasts by painting them. Whilst lacking in damage, her strengths come in the form of providing support to allies in the form of various buffs and heals.

She is equipped with an incredibly powerful single target heal that makes it stand out when progressing through new content. This paired with their high buff uptime makes them a very reliable support.

With this great versatility comes the high skill ceiling due to her skillshot reliance, mastering the artist will be a very fun, yet challenging feat.

Class mechanics


Her heal costs 1 orb and lets her place an Orb for 60 seconds which heals a single person on interaction for 25% of Artist’s Max HP. (only 3 can be placed at the same time.


What makes her so strong is that she can fill up her gauge up to 3 orbs and use Moonfall/Sunrise as long as she has orbs. This means that even if she has 2 Orbs already filled she can use Sunrise without losing access orbs (like bards who prefer to use 1 Bar heals instead of 2 / 3 Bar heals. Artist can regenerate orbs while her DPS buff is active.

With her Class engraving Artist adds an AoE Heal to Sunrise (24m around where the orb is placed ) for no extra cost, instantly healing 7/11/15% of her max hp.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Strong Single Target Heals
  • Low Investment
  • Purify
  • Low Skill Floor
  • Strong for Progression
  • High Buff Uptime


  • High Skill Ceiling
  • Bad Damage Reduction
  • Lower Damage Buff Ceiling
  • Skillshot Reliant


Artist takes the role of the typical support by branding the boss, and buffing your party.

They specialise in single target healing, so it is a great choice for progressing content where your party might take more damage to boss mechanics.

As per any support, it is vital to ensure maximum uptime on damage buffs to make sure the party out damages what they would deal if there were an extra DPS instead.


Artist is a supporting class that thrives at CCing your foes with a great selection of AoE skills.

She has a great selection of ranged AoE skills that can control the flow of a match, she also utilises her heals to support her team.

She is still very reliant on landing skillshots with long animations, make sure to utilise your skills well to peel and gain control of the battlefield.