Leveling Artillerist Build Guide for PvE


required skill points: 152

Artillerist is a unique class that has great damage in the very early game, he can one shot many monsters, but is also a very slow class overall.

Enhanced Shell


Enhanced Shell

Vital Point Barrage
Napalm Shot


Napalm Shot

Wide Explosion
Multiple Rocket Launcher


Multiple Rocket Launcher

Frost Rocket



Quick PrepIgnore Collision
Air Raid


Air Raid

QuickfireLightning BarrageThe Big One
Summon Turret


Summon Turret

Armor Destruction
Homing Barrage


Homing Barrage

Guiding EnhancementVital Point BombardmentPower Bomb
Energy Field


Energy Field

Mind ConcentrationEnergy Increase

Skill priority

Napalm Shot
Enhanced Shell
Multiple Rocket Launcher
Air Raid
Summon Turret
Homing Barrage
Energy Field
Level 10-19

You start the story with 6 skills, leveling up to level 18 will unlock more 4 skills.

  • at level 10, Napalm ShotNapalm Shot is already unlocked
    • focus skill points on this skill, get it to at least level 4, it has really decent damage as a starter.
  • at level 10, HowitzerHowitzer and Enhanced ShellEnhanced Shell are already unlocked
    • distribute the rest of your skill points into these skills.
  • at level 12, Multiple Rocket LauncherMultiple Rocket Launcher is unlocked
    • drop all the skill points from all skills except Napalm ShotNapalm Shot and reallocate the skill points to Multiple Rocket LauncherMultiple Rocket Launcher
  • at level 14, FlamethrowerFlamethrower is unlocked
    • use all possible skill points left to this skill, it has decent damage and good skill for clearing normal monsters.
  • at level 18, Air RaidAir Raid unlocked, replaces Freeze ShellFreeze Shell
    • it's one of the highest damage skills for Artillerist, use all skill points on it to reach level 7.
  • SwingSwing is a mobility skill must be at level 7 to perform properly, it's optional to use, if you decided to use, can replace BuckshotBuckshot
Level 20-29
  • at level 20, Jump BarrageJump Barrage is unlocked
    • useless skill in PvE.
  • at level 24, Summon TurretSummon Turret is unlocked replaces Gatling GunGatling Gun
    • try to make it at least level 4 for the armor destruction tripod, which helps to debuff the target with 12% decreased defense.
  • at level 28, Plasma StormPlasma Storm is unlocked
    • it's not dealing that much of a damage but it has stun tripod that can be useful at some point, optional to use, can replace HowitzerHowitzer

Level 30-39
  • at level 32, Gravity ExplosionGravity Explosion is unlocked replaces Plasma StormPlasma Storm / HowitzerHowitzer
    • decent skill for normal monsters during the leveling process.
  • at level 36, Forward BarrageForward Barrage is unlocked
    • optional to use, it can be useless at this stage of the game.
Level 40-49
  • at level 40, Homing BarrageHoming Barrage is unlocked replaces Gravity ExplosionGravity Explosion
    • highest damage for Artillerist, must be maxed as soon as possible, you can drop all skill points and max this one 1st, then follow it up by Air RaidAir Raid
Level 50

Welcome to the start of the endgame, but you're still missing 2 skills, Energy FieldEnergy Field and Missile BarrageMissile Barrage, to get those 2 skills you need visit Beatrice at Trixion to start a blue quest.

  • Energy FieldEnergy Field is unlocked replaces BuckshotBuckshot / SwingSwing
    • Shield skill, can be used at level 7 at this stage of the game, must be maxed out later.

From here you can check out our Firepower or Barrage Enhancement builds for Raids. Also check out our Chaos Dungeon build for maximum efficiency when clearingChaos Dungeons.

How to play

Class Identity

Artillerist has gauge when it's filled up it allows you to transform into barrage mode and have access to 4 new skills ( Barrage: HowitzerBarrage: Howitzer - Barrage: Focus FireBarrage: Focus Fire - Barrage: Energy CannonBarrage: Energy Cannon - Bombardment: ImpregnabilityBombardment: Impregnability ), it locks you in a place but you will deal a very high damage, use it wisely.

Utility Skills
Artillerist have a variant of utility skills that helps you through the fight, such as (debuffs - weakpoint - Shield).
  • Debuffs :
    • Enhanced ShellEnhanced Shell and Summon TurretSummon Turret both have Armor DestructionArmor Destruction tripod that debuffs the target with -12% defense.
    • Napalm ShotNapalm Shot if Target FocusTarget Focus tripod selected it debuffs elite/bosses with an extra 20% stagger damage increase for self & party members.
  • Weakpoint skills:
    • Napalm ShotNapalm Shot has weakpoint lv1 built-in, can enhance it with Weak Point EnhancementWeak Point Enhancement
    • HowitzerHowitzer has weakpoint lv1 built-in.
    • SwingSwing has weakpoint from Weak Point EnhancementWeak Point Enhancement unlocks at level 4.
    • Gravity ExplosionGravity Explosion has weakpoint lv1 built-in.
    • Homing BarrageHoming Barrage has weakpoint lv1 built-in.
  • Shield skills:
    • Energy FieldEnergy Field it's your normal shield skill, if maxed you will have to choose between Energy ShareEnergy Share to shield up all party members or Solid ShieldSolid Shield by giving it immunity to knocks and stagger.
    • FlamethrowerFlamethrower has ShieldShield tripod at lv7.
    • Gravity ExplosionGravity Explosion has Sturdy ArmorSturdy Armor tripod at lv7.
    • Bombardment: ImpregnabilityBombardment: Impregnability during the usage of barrage mode.
Game Progression
General Levelling Tips
  • Focus on equipping the highest level equipment you can during the story.
    • Make sure to check your inventory regularly in case you picked up a piece of equipment you didn't notice - this will allow you to deal more damage and enter dungeons.
  • If your item level is lower than the minimum requirement for the dungeon you are trying to enter, make sure to go back to the previous dungeon you did and re-run it to get some equipment to meet this requirement - you can even run them in Hard mode for the higher item level gear.
Level 26

You also need to be at the Luterra Stronghold Quest stage. At this point you unlock the Arena. You can enter PvP matches including Competitive 3v3.

Level 30

The Market/Auction House is unlocked. You can use it to buy or sell items to other players.

Level 50

Chaos Dungeons andGuardian Raids are unlocked - different instances of them are gated by item level, so you should work your way up. Some extra requirements are:

  • In order to unlock another continent'sChaos Dungeon you must first complete the story for its respective continent.
  • In order to unlock another raid level inGuardian Raids you must first complete all the raids in the previous level.

Abyssal Dungeons are unlocked; different instances are gated by item level and you must complete the story for its respective continent.

Tier 1
  1. 2x Daily Chaos Dungeon
  2. 2x Daily Guardian Raids
  3. Abyssal Dungeons
  4. Tower
  5. T1 Islands. Open the map (M) and write the island name in search bar for easy navigation. Here are the islands in order:
    • Serenity Isle
    • Toto Silver
    • Freedom Isle
    • Blackfang's Den
    • Lullaby Island
    • Astella
    • Starlight Isle
    • Panda Island
    • Peyto Island
    • Dreamgull Island
    • Golden Wave Island
    • White Wave Island
    • Kalthertz
    • Shadow Island
Tier 2
  1. 2x Daily Chaos Dungeon
  2. 2x Daily Guardian Raids
  3. Abyssal Dungeons
  4. Tower
  5. T2 Islands. Open the map (M) and write the island name in search bar for easy navigation. Here are the islands in order:
    • Aiwana Island (blue pre-quest from arthetine)
    • Peyto Island
    • Fomona Island (extra reward can be obtained by re-doing it's story with opposite gender class).
    • Little Luck Island
    • Liebeheim
    • Reverly Row
    • Distorted Island
    • Outlaw Isle
    • Twilight Isle
    • Gravis Island
    • Hypnos's Eye
    • Azure wind island

When you reach ilvl1100 you can go straight to Punika.


Firepower Enhancement


Firepower Enhancement

The accessories you drop whilst levelling don't have any engravings on it. However, you can still acquire engravings by getting choosing the engraving books from the packs you receive along your journey.

To use these books open your character window (P), below your weapon slot you have 2 additional slots, in these you can add your engravings. You can do so by left clicking on a slot, then clicking and dragging your chosen engraving to each respective slot.

Remember that there are two engraving tabs, Combat and Class, make sure to be in the right section or you might not find your engraving.

For example, if you want 1 high level engraving, you can equip the same engraving book twice.

combat stats













Swiftness allows you to move faster, as well as giving you lower cooldowns for your skills.

Crit gives you more crit rate, so you have a higher chance of dealing greater damage.