Valtan Gate 2 Boss Guide



Now you face the Demon Beast King himself. This fight is divided into 3 stages.

  1. Destruction Stage: Break Valtan's armor so your moves do full damage.
  2. Normal Stage: Fight Valtan in a perilous arena where you can fall off.
  3. Ghost Stage: Fight a ressurected Valtan and his army of clones.

Every stage grants Valtan new abilities, so you need to adapt accordingly.

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Recommended battle items
Normal Mode Rewards
Hard Mode Rewards

Key Mechanics

Destruction Stage

Mechanic Overview

Valtan starts the fight with 2 stacks of a 10% defense buff. You need to destroy his armor twice to remove those buffs. He is only vulnerable to destruction when he charges into a wall.

What to Do

Valtan will target 1 random player and prepare to charge at him leaning his head forward and stomping the floor 3 times. Everyone should stand in the same spot and once the red indicator appears on the floor, you can freely dash out of it to avoid damage.

Once he hits a wall, both the wall and Valtan will collapse. One player should have thrown a Corrosive Bomb while Valtan was preparing to charge, weakening his defenses and increasing the value of the Destruction Bombs and skills everyone else must use.

If your team deals enough Destruction damage, Valtan's armor will break, and one of the defense buffs will disappear.

Attack Pattern

Valtan will break 2 walls and then jump up throwing axes at you and your team. It’s recommended to assign positions to each player and dodge the axes by running in tight circles.

After 9 axes, Valtan will land in the center of the map causing a screen wide AOE that deals very high damage. There are safe spots on the edges of a broken wall area.

Dodge all his attacks, and break his armor twice before the X130 wipe mechanic.

X130 Wipe Assault

What Happens

Valtan raises his axe and goes invulnerable. After a delay he will bring his axe down instantly killing anyone caught in the red zone.

He will once more raise his axe killing anyone on screen unless they are protected.

Easy Strategy

There is a simple way to protect your team. Use Balthorr (CTRL +C) once Valtan hits x130 bar completely negating the wipe mechanic.

Don't be afraid to cast it a little early and make sure that everyone gets in the circle to get the 30s buff.

Complex Strategy

When you start the fight with Valtan, you may notice 4 blue dots on the minimap.

Those are orbs that can protect you from the wipe mechanic. Two are located on the top of each wall, and when those walls break, a player can get the buff.

If you’re not planning to use Balthorr, assign which one of your team takes which buffs in order to cover all 8 players with the 8 orbs.

If you collect an orb successfully you will have the following buff above your HP.

After this mechanic Valtan will jump to the center with a roar that breaks all the surrounding walls.

X105 Cone Attack

What Happens

Once again Valtan will jump to the center, creating red slices around him that knock players up. Four Pillars will emerge from the ground and then Valtan will set his eyes on a player, jumping into the air and initiating a cone attack.

What to Do

Everyone who isn’t targeted has to hide behind a pillar. The targeted player should stand between 2 pillars and wait for 4 seconds before dashing out and hiding behind a pillar too.

If you’re not fast enough to hide behind a pillar after you dash, you can use Timestop.

After that, Valtan will raise his axe and repeat the same mechanic. Most likely the cone will target the same player.

The player must keep the cone in a position and not move, allowing his team to comfortably damage Valtan. Then they can count to 4 and dash out of it.

Note that after the attack the targeted player doesn't need to hide behind a rock as they all explode.

X88 1st Arena Break

What Happens

Valtan will roar and jump in the air, and a crescent-shaped red mark will appear on 1 of the 2 sides of the arena. Valtan will break this side.

What to Do

Move to the center as soon as he jump up. Run to the opposite side that Valtan lands so you can avoid his spin to the center.

Once he finishes spinning to the center, 4 pillars will appear. Everyone should hide behind them rocks until the explosion goes off.

Now he will repeat the cone mechanic from X105 Cone Attack. Remember, count to 4 and dash out if you are targeted.

The 4 pillars will explode after that dealing very high damage, so make sure you save a movement ability.

From now on, play safe, because Valtan’s knockback attacks can knock you straight out of the broken areas in the arena.

X64 Counter Charge

Step 1

Valtan will jump to the center of the area and smash the ground with his right leg creating an explosive circle on the ground.

Stack up as a team and dash out before the circle explodes. Make sure you don't walk where someone was.

Step 2

After that, Valtan will do an animation before he starts a counter mechanic.

Count to 3 and then use your counter skill, or listen for the second grunt before countering.

If you fail, Valtan will charge at players until someone counters him or he grabs everyone.

X34 2nd Arena Break

Exactly the same as X88 1st Arena Break, but this time Valtan will break the other side of the arena.

Now there is no safe area for you to fight, but you can move safely to the very edge of the broken area- you will not fall unless Valtan pushes you.

X15 Ghost Transition

What Happens

Valtan is about to die, but before he does he will perform his last complex wipe mechanic. He will summon a portal that returns him center of the arena, dealing damage to all those around him.

He will then start a series of attacks that can wipe the party.

What to Do

We recommend you use Balthorr (CTRL+C) once Valtan jumps into the portal. This will prevent you from getting knocked out and taking too much damage.

However, when Valtan starts smashing the ground, you should run together as a team or use a Timestop to prevent excessive damage. Afterwards, just avoid the red zones and you will see the next phase.

Detailed Mechanical Breakdown

If you want to dodge every attack here is the breakdown:

  1. Valtan launches cone-shaped attacks 4 times starting at a player’s position.
  2. Valtan will start smashing the ground causing white explosions that target the players
  3. Inner Circle Smash
  4. Outer Circle Smash
  5. Yellow Explosion with 3 Pillars to hide behind
  6. Pillar Explosion

After that, Valtan transitions to the Ghost Phase

Ghost Stage

What Happens

Valtan will turn into a ghost and refill his HP bar to X40. He will also gain several stacks of armor that you must break by countering his clones.

This is a tense race against the clock, so keep your cool and practice.

What to Do

Beware of Valtan's opening Grab move, telegraphed by a crescent shaped red zone. It's instant death if he grabs you.

  • Valtan will do this move once roughly every 10 bars of HP.
  • Tenacity including your Awakening won’t make you immune to grab
  • Time Stop Potion can help only if you use it before the grab, it won’t work after.

You will need remove Valtan's 6 defense buffs by countering his clones. Each successful counter removes one buff.

Pay attention to the edges because some clones run from side to side and will knock you out if you stand in their way.

Every counter will fill up the Summon Bar, allowing you to call upon Thirain (CTRL+Z) To finish the fight. By this time, you will have removed all defense buffs by countering.

Random Notable Mechanics

Hilt Attack

What Happens

Valtan draws his axe behind him in a waiting stance. If players deal stagger damage, Valtan will do a very big AoE spin it will deal heavy damage and knocks players far away.

What to Do

Run and stand right under his axe handle and stop attacking!

This mechanic is very very dangerous if the arena is broken. For this reason if you think someone kept attacking, use Timestop.

Four Orbs

What Happens

Valtan will spawn 4 orbs that send stagger waves across the arena. After several pulses, the orbs explode causing raid wide damage. If 4 orbs explode it’s a wipe.

What to Do

Four different players must collect the orbs. It will grant them a debuff that allows Valtan to deal more damage to them, but it will prevent the explosion.

In the meantime, Valtan will do his counterable charge. The other 4 players must counter him.

Three Counters

What Happens

Valtan holds his axe high above his head, and readies a counterable attack. He will repeat this three times.

This move can wipe your party, so it's important to understand how it works.

Mechanic Breakdown

If a player successfully counters, they player will be silenced for 1 minute with a debuff aura around him. This aura lasts for 4 seconds and will silence any other player it touches.

  • If the 1st counter fails, every party member takes damage.
  • If the 2nd counter fails, every party member takes double damage.
  • If the 3rd counter fails, it’s a wipe.

Assign a player to each counter and have them run to the edge of the arena away from everyone else afterwards. You cannot miss the third counter, so make that person your most reliable player.

Hard Mode Rules

In Hard mode, random players will be marked with a red circle and some orbs will spawn and follow them. These orbs also send waves of stagger. Marked players should run to the edges.

Soul Prison

Valtan will roar and imprison some of the players randomly. The free players must break the prison before Valtan performs an explosion that deals damage proportional to the number of imprisoned players.

Use multi-hit attacks or Fire Bombs to break people out quickly.

Tackle and Punt

Valtan will target a player and point his hand at him. Then he will run forward and grab anyone on his way. After the charge, he will turn around and blow everyone away.

Dodge the tackle and then get to close to Valtan's sides to avoid the knockback.

Stagger Check

Valtan will summon a big orb to start absorbing its power. He will gain a shield and stagger bar.

Deal damage to break the shield. Then use stagger skills and Whirlwind Grenades to break him.

If you fail to clear the stagger check, you can use Timestop or you will wipe.

Basic Attack Patterns

Hard Mode Note

In Normal mode, most basic attacks stagger you while in Hard mode they will knock you up instead. This makes the fight harder when the Valtan breaks the arena.

Axe Combo

Valtan swing his axe left and right followed by smash in the center accompanied by an outer explosion. He then spins creating another explosive circle around him.

Stay close to his sides and do damage.

Southern Cross

Valtan swings his axe once and holds it up for 2 seconds before smashing the ground creating a shockwave in the shape of a cross.

Stay near his legs and do damage.

Jump and Spin

Valtan will target a random player and jump towards them sending out a cross-shaped shockwave. He will then spin towards a player.

Dodge to the far back sides and wait out the spin.

Four Smashes

Valtan will target a player and smash on his position 4 times. He tracks the player for the first 3 smashes and plants the 4th in the same place as the previous one.

Dodge on one side if you are targeted and let your team do damage.

In Out Smash

Valtan will smash the ground knocking up players around him. It will be followed up with an outer circle explosion, and explosive circles on the ground.

Go out and then come back in while avoiding the explosive circles players leave behind.

Triple Smash

Valtan will perform 2 short jump smashes and finish with a large cone shaped smash.

Keep moving around him and be careful if you are trying to do damage.

Silence Attack

Valtan will roar and silence everyone for 1 second. It deals no damage, but Valtan will follow up with his axe held high preparing to smash the ground.

If the axe is glowing the safe spot is far from him, and if it's not its close to him.

Explosive circles will target everyone after the smash. Keep moving.

Delayed Earthquake

Valtan performs a short spin, and smashes the ground, causing multiple delayed rock explosions that knock up everyone caught in them.

Watch the areas that glow white, they will explode 3 seconds later.

Portal Charge

Valtan will open a portal and jump into it starting a chain of charges through portals that appear. He ends with a small area ground smash. This move does massive damage if you fail to dodge.

Don't stand near an edge and move away from portals. Use a defensive if you have one.

Flying Axes

Just like the Destruction Phase, Valtan will jump up and throw axes at players. He will then land with a massive outer explosion.

Run in circles away from each other and pay attention to the mini-map to rush to where he lands.

Front Back Front

Valtan smashes his axe in the following order: front – back – front.

Stand to his side and slightly behind and unload big damage.

Counter Mechanic

Bull Rush

Valtan will crouch down and hit the ground 3 times before he turns blue and dashes forward.

Get ready to counter after the 3rd ground pound.

Sidereal Usage


The Sidereal Bar will be charging over the course of the fight. Performing the fight mechanics correctly will quickly increase the bar. During the Valtan Raid you will have the help of the following 3 Sidereals:

  • King Thiarain (Ctrl+Z): Deals massive damage and destruction.
  • Wei (Ctrl+X): Deals an insane amount of stagger and some decent damage.
  • Balthorr (Ctrl+C): Creats a circle on the floor, granting everyone inside a defensive buff that lasts for 30second. This buff can prevent certain wipe mechanics.

Optimal Usage

  • Balthorr
    • x130 and x15
  • King Thairain
    • During the ghost phase after removing the x6 defense buffs from Valtan.