Brelshaza Gate 5 Boss Guide



Gate 5 is the 1st actual fight with Brelshaza, there is only 3 wipe mechanics, but each mechanic has 3 phases.

You need all of your team alive until x110 the mechanic, so make sure to follow this guide for the best results.

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Cheat Sheet

Brelshaza guide cheat sheet


Stigma order

Assign a stigma to each party:

For example,
  • Party 1 gets black stigma.
  • party 2 gets white stigma.
Assign a number of stigma stacks to each player:
For example, party order number x2:
  • Player 4 would get 8 stacks
  • Player 3 would get 6 stacks
  • Player 2 would get 4 stacks
  • Player 1 would get 2 stacks

Shaped black hole platforms

X140 - assign cardinal positions on the minimap:

For example, party order x3 clock positions.
X50 - assign ordinal positions on the minimap:
For example, Party order x3+1 clock positions.

Power of illusion

X110 - assign a party to each portal, leave one person from the right-side portal to stay outside with Brelshaza. Also assign two players to counter the clones.

For example,
  • Party 1 takes the left portal.
  • Party 2 takes the right portal.
  • Someone from party 2 stays outside.
  • The supports counter the clones.

Key mechanics

X180 1st Shape Mechanic

What happens

Starting from x180 HP bars a lot of black & white floating orbs will spawn across the battlefield:

  • White orbs move around.
  • Black orbs are static.
  • Every 5 bars of HP more shapeshifting orbs will be created until x144. It’s advised to stop dealing damage and focus on getting everyone ready for the mechanic.

Taking an orb will give you a stigma stack, getting a specific amount of stacks with a specific colour will result in getting different shapes:

What to do

Each party member needs a certain number of stacks to get their pre-assigned shape. Taking the same colour shapeshifting orbs increases the stacks by 1. However, taking the opposite colour shapeshifting orbs will reduce the stacks by 1.

Take the orbs depending on your preassigned shape and colour.

You have enough time to get your pre-assigned stigma stacks.

X140 Cardinal Spots

What happens

X140 Black hole drawing

Brelshaza will have a damage reduction buff and every 2 players with the same shape but opposite colour will have 1 circle and string connecting them. A few seconds later the shape icon above their heads will be created as a black hole platform.

Brelshaza will then cast big lasers in the middle a total of four times, their positions alternate horizontally and vertically which is clearly indicated. These lasers will kill you, it cannot be avoided by anything. Hence, the black hole platforms must be placed in specific tiles to avoid getting hit by mechanics.

Brelshaza meteors

Brelshaza will cast 4 shaped meteors, each meteor will randomly target 1 player which must be absorbed.

Failure to absorb the meteor will deal a lot of damage being dealt to the raid.

What to do

Brelshaza meteors

Your team must have two of each shape with the opposite colour to be able to draw the shaped black hole platform at x140.

Draw the black holes in cardinal position to avoid the vertical and horizontal lasers cast by Brelshaza.

Brelshaza meteors

After brelshaza starts casting a meteor the player targeted should identify their shape by looking either at their feet or at the shape shown on the beam above them, then should run to the matching black hole platform.

Important Note

The camera will change its angle and the positions of the black hole platforms will look like they changed from cardinal to ordinal position. To avoid confusion you can refer to the minimap because it doesn’t change with the camera angle as shown in the infographic above.

Beware of the numerous floor attacks, they not only deal damage but also knocks players back which can cause them to get CC'd into a laser.


This mechanic happens twice in this gate, if you failed 1 shape in any of the 2 times of this mechanic it will deal damage, if you also fail 1 more shape it's a wipe, even if it's the second instance.

X110 Power Of Illusion | Phase 1

During this mechanic you need to stagger 2 giant orbs in order and then Brelshaza herself. Immediately afterwards, Brelshaza’s 2 shadow clones should be countered.

What happens

Brelshaza will teleport to the center and start charging her wipe mechanic, the engraved circle symbols on the floor will glow in a random order.

Then 2 giant orbs will be summoned on opposite sides.

What to do
Look closely to the glowing circle order:
  1. The 1st circle to glow means that the giant orb next to it must be staggered 1st.
  • A half moon icon will appear above Brelshaza’s head indicating when the 1st orb’s stagger is successful.
  1. Then 2nd glowing circle means the giant orb next to needs to be staggered second
  • The other half of the moon icon appears on brelshaza’s head indicating when the 1st orb’s stagger is successful.

When the full moon icon is on Brelshaza’s head you must stagger Brelshaza within 3 seconds.

This pattern must be done in order.

After successfully staggering Brelshaza, there will be 2 shadow clones the players pre-assigned should counter to avoid a raid-wide damage and 4 second silence.

If you fail the counters you can use to prevent the damage and silence.

X110 Power Of Illusion | Phase 2

What happens

If you finished the previous mechanic successfully, 2 portals will open on opposite sides and the 2nd phase commences.

When the 2 portals open:

  • 4 players must enter the left portal.
  • 3 players must enter the right portal.
  • 1 player stays outside to kite Brelshaza.

Inside each of the portals there is a cube boss. Each boss has 20 HP bars and the same basic attacks as in gate 4 with no wipe mechanics.

During the fight random ethers will be dropped around the cube.

At x10 a stagger check commences, if successfully done the cube will drop more ethers.

There is a portal to exit the cube’s room that can be seen on the mini-map

Players on both sides need a certain number of ether stacks to successfully perform the last phase of the mechanic.

What to do

Left side portal

A team of 4 players must enter and collect 3 stacks of ether each.

Successfully collecting the 3 stacks will give the player a line icon above their heads:

Right side portal

A team of 3 players must enter and 1 player must collect 12 stacks of ether.

Successfully collecting 12 stacks will give the player a core icon above their head:

Brelshaza’s Battlefield

A player must stay on the outside to kite/dodge Brelshaza. If no one is outside or the player outside dies, it’s a wipe!

The stacks you get give you a buff that have a 2 minute timer, within that time the whole raid must perform the 3rd phase.

if one of the parties killed the cube faster than the other party, they might have problems syncing the stacks buff timer. So, keep that in mind.

After successfully getting your stacks, finish killing the cube and exit the portal. If you don't exit in time, you will get stuck inside and die.

X110 Power Of Illusion | Phase 3

After successfully getting your stacks and getting back to Brelshaza, she will start performing her wipe mechanic by casting a giant meteor in the middle of the battlefield.

What happens

Brelshaza teleports to the center, levitating while creating a black hole to summon the last meteor.

During this she shields herself and casts golden rays around her, with each ray an AoE wave is cast dealing low damage and silencing anyone who is not standing inside the golden ray line.

1 real and 3 fake safe spots are made. Once you stand inside the real safe spot, you will get knocked up after a few seconds which avoids the damage wave from the landing meteor.

What to do

Break Brelshaza’s shield by dealing damage, then use stagger skills to deplete her stagger bar while standing inside each golden ray to avoid getting silenced.

Memorise where Brelshaza fired her golden rays.

4 potential safe spots appear of which only 1 is real. To find the real safe spot, you have to match the golden ray firing pattern with the safe spots shape and stand inside it.

Failing to get the required stacks from phase 2 (cube fight) will cause a wipe during the last phase.

In order to memorise this mechanic, a common strategy is to pay attention to the lines at the bottom as shown in the infographic below.

X90 2nd Shape Mechanic

The same as the X180 1st Shape Mechanic.

The only difference is that the last wave will be at X54.

X50 Ordinal Spots

Mostly the same as X140 but with a few important changes.


For this mechanic, Brelshaza’s laser attack becomes a round donut shape at 11 - 5 - 1 - 7 o’clock positions.

Unlike the X140 mechanic, the black holes should be placed in ordinal minimap positions.

For example, Party order x3+1, where Players 3 from each party create their black hole platform at 10 o’clock.

Counterable Mechanics

Phantom Tsunami

Brelshaza will target a random player, she will cast a tidal wave attack onto them, then behind her, then back to the targeted player. The 3rd attack should be countered.

Random notable mechanics

Explosive Safe spots

  • An inside safe golden circle indicator will appear around the boss
  • A battlefield-wide AoE will start to cast and 2 safe spots are created
  • You must stand inside them to avoid the damage.

In case you cannot get into a safe spot, use a .

Immediately after, golden line indicators will appear and explode after a few seconds.

Make sure to use your space or a mobility skill to dodge as the number of lines are proportional to the number of players standing in the safe spots.

Falling & Gathering

Brelshaza will cast an AoE that knocks up everyone around her.

A few safe spots are then created, the players must use their stand up/roll (space bar) and get to their safe spots immediately. You can also use any push immunity to avoid the knock up.

If you cannot make it in time, you can use a .

Red & Blue String

A string is created connecting 1 player to 3 other players. The buff these 4 players get are either red or blue.

Red Buff

The players with strings must stick together until the buff time is ended (15 seconds)

If a player is not connected after the buff time is ended, they will receive damage.

Blue Buff

The 1 player that connects the rest of the 3 players together must stay away from his team, until the buff time is ended (15 seconds)

All the connected players will receive damage.

Black Hole

One to 3 players will have a black hole mark under their feet. A few seconds later a black hole will be summoned in that player's position. If players get caught, it will deal damage and cause stagger.

If you have the mark, move to the edge of the battlefield to drop the black hole away from your teammates.

Random mechanics


Brelshaza will summon 2 golden clones drawing golden rays on the ground.

If a player looks at the clones they will receive an oblivion debuff, during this debuff if you cast 5 skills you will get silenced.

If you get hit by mistake, don’t attack and wait for the oblivion debuff to end.

After x90, this mechanic will have 1 extra clone.

Frontal/Backstep Explosion

Brelshaza performs 1 fast spin or a backstep leaving a trail. A second later the trail causes a small explosion which deals a lot of damage..

After x90 HP bars, instead of a small explosion, it will have 3 small explosive lines.

Before x90:

After x90:


Brelshaza will perform a large attack that will stagger and deal damage much like in the Rohendel Abyssal Dungeon.

The safe zones are beside her.


Brelshaza will rush forward knocking up anyone in front of her and dealing a lot of damage to them.

After x90 she will leave a trail of purple donut explosions that explode after a few seconds.

Teleportation Rings

Brelshaza will get a visible red shield on her. She will then teleport to a random player and perform an attack that knocks up and deals a very high damage to players standing on it.

Safe is outside, or in-between.

After x90, this mechanic is counterable.

Shield Rush

Brelshaza will shield herself and rush forward much like the rush mechanic from above, but this time if anyone is standing in her path she will be interrupted.

If she’s not interrupted she will create many purple donut explosions around her.

It's recommended for this mechanic to be blocked by tanky classes (gunlancers for example) because the explosion deals a lot of damage.

Dream Tsunami

Abrelshud slightly raises her right arm and gathers energy. She then launches a big tidal wave toward the targeted player. If you get hit from a distance, it will hit you continuously until it explodes, so be careful.

Terrain wall

Brelshaza will create a wall around herself, it’s similar to the 3rd gate maze wall mechanic in the way that it staggers and pushes players back, be careful because she can perform a dangerous mechanic inside the walls.

You can escape the walls by using your dash (space bar).


Abrelshud's right arm glows and rotates, the same animation as the Palace of Dreams cutscene motion. Then, dreamy flames fall at random locations that deal damage over time if inside them.

Magic Circle

A magic circle will appear below each player, it will explode after a few seconds. Though 1 explosion might not kill you, make sure to dodge this mechanic in case there are overlapping circles.

Laser/Sphere Fire


Brelshaza fires a single laser, then 3 lasers at once dealing damage and knocking down players hit by it.


Brelshaza fires an orb which then gets split into multiple orbs dealing a lot of damage and causing stagger.

Illusion Clone Imprison

Brelshaza will summon multiple clones that will all produce a blue indicator, getting hit by this attack will imprison you.

Laser Explosions

Brelshaza will draw many lasers at random locations, after a few seconds they will explode.

Alternative Lasers

Brelshaza summons spheres above her head, she casts lasers inwards in cardinal positions, then recasts the laser outwards in ordinal positions. Explosions will follow the second wave of lasers.

Targeted Meteorite Explosion

A meteorite will appear and explode after a while, if someone attacks the meteorite it will follow them.

Tanky classes should attack the meteorite and guide it far away from the rest of the raid.

After x90:

Same as the previous one but with a very big radius.

Targeted Meteorite Donut

Same as the explosive meteorite, but in a donut shape and there will be multiple meteorites across the battlefield.

Meteor Barrage

A barrage of meteors are shot across the battlefield, they are then reversed and come back, dealing damage and staggering players.


Tentacles that extend appear around Brelshaza.

After x90:

A golden ring appears that explodes and petrifies players who got hit by it.

Shattered glass

The screen will get filled with class, the broken glass sections are the safe spots.

Floor Explosion Attack

Circles will appear around each player, if these circles overlap it will give a darkness debuff. The circles will then explode.

Typing Test

Brelshaza will randomly pick two players that will have to complete a small typing mechanic.


Optimal use

Azena can be used anytime if you're lacking dps, just like gate 1 Azena auto target the available boss with her ancient spears.

Shandi slows time and resets the cooldowns of all your skills including awakening, can be used during the x110 finding safe spot mechanic to slow down Brelshaza shapes so you can easily memorise it.

Innana is same as previous gates, she will cast her magic circle to reduce the damage taken and heal at the end of it, it's not recommended to use during gate 5.