Hanumatan Boss Guide



Hanumatan is a 1540 item level Guardian Raid that can drop ancient accessories.

Understanding the mechanics and phases will ensure your clears are more efficient, with more effective use of battle items.

The recommended order of battle items based on party number:

Many thanks to ATK for providing the information used in this guide.

Watch ATK’s video guide below for a video breakdown of the fight with some extra tips and tricks at the end.

Full Video Guide

Recommended battle items

General Mechanics


The fight is mainly divided into 3 phases, then the last phase.

Each phase has its own phase mechanic, and end mechanic.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
100% - 80% 79% - 60% 59% - 30%

Each phase mechanic has an internal cooldown of 40 seconds. In case you out-damage the phase fast enough, the phase mechanic will be skipped, but you will still need to do the end mechanic.

Armour Breaks

You will have to break Hanumatan’s armour 3 times during the fight, each providing you with a different buff:

  • 1st armour break (chest) grants a 15% movement speed buff.
  • 2nd armour break (leg) grants a 10% cooldown reduction buff.
  • 3rd armour break (gauntlet) grants a 10% attack speed buff.

Before Hanumatan performs any mechanics, his eyes will flash red, and there are specific sounds he emits.

After each of these mechanics, you will have a chance to break his armour if it isn’t already broken in that phase.

Breaking his armour pieces is crucial, in the case that Hanumatan keeps at least 1 amour piece after the end of the 3rd phase it will cause an almost fatal attack.

Failing to break his armour in each phase will cause the End Mechanic of the phase to be empowered.


  • For every phase, each party member should aim use a level 2+ destruction skill, or 2 level 1 destruction skills.
  • On phase 2, one of the party members should use a destruction bomb to help due to stagger mechanic happening just before.

The below table outlines the approximate destruction values of different levels of destruction.

Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3/Bomb Lv 4 Lv 5
1 1.6 2.2 2.8 3.4

The below table outlines the required destruction for each phase.

Solo Duo 3 4
Phase 1 1 2 3 4
Phase 2 1.5 3 4.5 6

This means that for the 1st phase, if every member uses a level 1 destruction skill you will be able to successfully break. You can use a level 2 destruction skill in case a party member has their skill on cooldown, if two members use a level 2 skill it can compensate one party member’s mistake (1.6 + 1.6 > 3).

For the 2nd and 3rd phases, if every member uses a level 2 destruction skill, you will be able to successfully break (1.6 * 4 > 6). However, for phase 2 there is a mechanic that might require you to use your skills to stagger before destruction part, so having one party member use a destruction bomb will help you to break the armour. Note that a destruction bomb is level 3 stagger, meaning that the party will still have to deal (6 - 2.2 =) 3.8 in destruction.

General Buff

Additionally, every time you hit Hanumatan, you will gain a buff with a drawback that will stack up to 40 times. Every time you get hit, or during specific mechanics, you will lose stacks

Each stack grants you:

  • 1% increased crit rate (up to 40%).
  • 1.25% increased damage taken (up to 50%).

At full stacks, signalled by the glowing red eye above your head, you will gain an additional buff of 30% cooldown reduction. Alternatively, if your eye is black, it means you do not have full stacks, and you can check your buff progress by checking the icon above your mana bar.

Overall, the more consistently you damage Hanumatan whilst avoiding mechanics, the more buffs you’ll receive to clear this raid faster.

Phase 1

Phase Mechanic

What happens?
  • Hanumatan will stomp the ground, knocking down players hit, then initiating a counter.
  • Once countered, you will be able to destroy his armour.
What to do?
  • Dodge the stomp attack then stay close to counter Hanumatan.
  • Use your destruction skills to break his armour.

End Mechanic

What happens?
  • Hanumatan roars and clouds form around the area.
  • Hanumatan will then perform a pizza shockwave attack with a stagger check.
What to do?
  • When you see Hanumatan start the mechanic, immediately stand behind him and start staggering him.
  • When he is staggered, he will stop the pizza, so staggering him fast is important.
  • Use your .

Didn’t break his armour?
  • His pizza shockwaves will be ice or fire which will deal more damage.
  • For the ice variant, behind is not safe, stand by his right foot instead.

Phase 2

Phase Mechanic

What happens?
  • Hanumatan will prepare a spirit bomb.
  • Projectiles will start falling around the boss.
  • He will initiate a counter.
What to do?
  • Do not attack Hanumatan while he is preparing the spirit bomb, this is a similar mechanic to Valtan Gate 2’s retaliation mechanic.
  • Stay closely in front of him, then counter him.

Attacked him during spirit bomb?
  • Move far away from Hanumatan to avoid getting hit.
  • The support can cast their awakening to survive the attack.

End Mechanic

What happens?
  • Hanumatan will bash the ground, creating a series of blasts.
  • He will initiate a stagger check, followed by a counter, then a destruction mechanic.
What to do?
  • Dodge the attacks whilst staggering, then counter him.
  • Afterwards, use your destruction skills and one of your party members should use their .
  • Use .
Broke his armour?
  • His initial bash is in the form of a + shaped shockwave. Followed by single line blasts starting from his head position then rotating clockwise.
  • Don’t stand in cardinal positions based on his head to avoid the first attack. Move clockwise whilst staggering to avoid subsequent attacks.

Didn’t break his armour?

Supports can use their awakening to avoid taking a lot of damage.

Fire version:

  • Small double ring shockwave, followed by + shaped blasts starting based on his head position.
  • Don’t stand in cardinal positions based on his head to avoid the first attack. Move to the position of the previous attack to avoid subsequent attacks whilst staggering – he won’t attack in the same position twice.

Ice version:

  • The blasts will slow.
  • Bigger double ring shockwave, followed by 2 simultaneous cone shaped blasts starting from his head position, then rotating clockwise.
  • Avoid the first cone shaped blast by standing close to his sides, then move clockwise as you stagger.
  • Be careful because the hitbox is larger than the animation.

Phase 3

Phase Mechanic

What happens?
  • Hanumatan will roar and pound his chest.
  • He will then grab, if a player gets grabbed, he will smash the player on the ground 3 times then initiate a counter
What to do?
  • Dodge the grab. If he doesn’t grab anyone, the mechanic gets skipped.
  • Afterwards, use your destruction skills.
Grabbed someone?
  • Stay away for the 3 attacks and then counter him.
  • Afterwards, use your destruction skills.

End Mechanic

What happens?
  • Hanumatan will swing his fists 3 times, then a counter-able straight punch.
What to do?
  • Dodge the 3 swings then counter him.
  • Afterwards, use your destruction skills.
Didn’t break his armour?
  • For both the fire and ice variations, Hanumatan will swing 5 times instead of 3, your feet will also generate fire or ice explosions respectively.
  • Dodge the 5 swings and the explosions, then counter him.
  • Afterwards, use your destruction skills.
Still didn’t break his armour?
  • If you still didn’t break his armour after any Phase 3 End Mechanic variation then he will cast a near death pattern, he will pound his fists together and create an ice and fire explosion.
  • Supports should cast their awakenings after the End Mechanic if he still has any of the 3 armour pieces left.

Last Phase


What happens?
  • Hanumatan will transform into a Super Saiyan Monkey.
  • He will pound his chest and generate sound waves.
What to do?
  • Stay close, then move away because his sound waves are inside safe rings.
  • Save your major DPS skills because he has damage reduction while pounding his chest.


What happens?
  • Hanumatan will slow everyone then pound the ground, initiating a spacebar mechanic.
  • Your eye will change into a white eye, the crit buff remains the same, however your damage taken is increased from 1.25% to 2% per stack.
What to do?
  • Spam your spacebar when the mechanic starts, to get away.

General Mechanic

What happens?
  • Hanumatan’s eyes will flash red – the same as before any other mechanic.
  • He will grab anyone with his 2 hands and pound them to the ground dealing % damage until staggered.
  • If he grabs everyone, it’s a wipe.
What to do?
  • Stagger Hanumatan to free your party member/s.

Berserk Mechanic

There is only one attack worth mentioning.

What happens?
  • Hanumatan will spawn a green circle that zone with the yin and yang symbol, the circle can move.
  • He will cast a map-wide seismic pulse that will affect anyone not in the green zone.
What to do?
  • Move and stay inside the green zone