Argos Phase 3 Boss Guide



Congratulations, the final Phase of Argos is upon you!

Argos has a lot of similar basic moves across all 3 phases, so you should be used to it by now.

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Phase 3 Fight Stage Summary


Phase 3 is one long continuous stage with 3 distinct states the boss will cycle through. Each phase has its own unique set of mechanics that need to be dealt with, on top of Argos’s entire basic attack patterns you have seen in P1 and P2.

Each state has a specific buff/debuff mechanic and also a wipe mechanic that needs to be learned. The three states Argos will cycle through are:

  • Morning/Sunny
  • Dawn/Rainy
  • Night/Dark

The timing of state changes is pretty consistent but note that Staggering Argos delays his state change.

Argos does not always cycle through states in the same order either.

Let’s dive right in!

Morning Sunny

This phase is high visibility with a clear sunny arena. You will always start this phase with a Slow debuff above your mana bar.

This phase is also the easiest to understand mechanically.

Buff/Debuff Mechanic

Aside from dealing with Argos’s regular move set, you will see 2 types of circles on the floor. Standing in them will trigger an event that can buff/debuff you.

Remember that more than one person can stand in a circle and receive the effect.

Red Zone: explodes and deals fire damage in an area.

Green Zone: Removes the slow debuff you have.

It’s pretty clear what you have to do. Clear your slow by standing in the green once, and avoid the red. You can walk through a red, but be quick about getting out!

Wipe Mechanic #1

Two random players will have the Sun mark on their heads like this:

After 4 seconds, a circle (safe spot) will be created under those 2 players. Each spot holds up to 6 players. Two seconds later Argos will perform a jump that kills everyone who is outside of the safe spot

To avoid getting wiped, the 2 players with the sun mark should stand still and ping their spots for the team to re-group and stand in the safe spots. Remember: one spot can hold up to 6 players.

Wipe Mechanic #2

This one is simple. Argos teleports to the center of the area and will start charging. A yellow dot will appear on the mini-map. Everyone who is alive needs to go stand in that spot.

If everyone is there, it will grant a buff for everyone and prevent a wipe.

If only one guy is a few steps away or isn’t on the spot with the team, this will wipe everyone. Once you get the buff, feel free to move and continue dealing damage.


Buff/Debuff Mechanic

After performing a wipe mechanic in each phase, a few seconds later Argos will change state.

In the Night phase, you will start with the darkness debuff above your mana bar obscuring your vision of the battlefield, similar to other fights you may have encountered it in.

Again there will be 2 buffs on the floor.

Red Zone: removes the darkness debuff.

Blue Zone: creates a poisoned area that debuffs the player with poison debuff (DoT).

Wipe Mechanic #1

This is exactly the same as Day Wipe Mechanic#1 except that two random players will have the Moon mark on their heads like this.

Quick Recap: After 4 seconds, a circle (safe spot) will be created under those 2 players. Each spot holds up to 6 players, and 2 seconds later Argos will perform a jump that kills everyone who is outside of the safe spot

Wipe Mechanic #2

Argos will teleport to the center and gather energy. On the minimap, you will notice 9 purple dots have been created.

You and your team shall spread around and collect those dots by running above each before Argos finishes his charge up. You have 10 seconds to collect all the dots.


Buff/Debuff Mechanic

This state is marked by lots of rain, which will continually damage you throughout the fight.

In this phase, you will start with no debuffs on you and you will notice 2 buffs on the floor

Green Zone: imprisons the player for a few seconds. Avoid this.

Blue Zone: creates a shield for a few seconds that protects you from the rain (needed to prevent wipe mechanic).

Wipe Mechanic

There is only one wipe mechanic in this state, unlike the Night and Day where the safe spots exist. Argos will teleport to the center and charge up.

The whole team needs to find the blue buffs and trigger them to avoid getting hit with Argos’s explosion. You have 5 seconds to find a blue buff and step on its shield, so ping and help your teammates out.



Congratulations – you beat the first Raid in Lost Ark!

Legion Raids are next. They are more challenging and more fun , so check them out!