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This control-combo deck is all about sweeping the board over and over again to stall for the turn 8 combo. With Trundle's Ice Pillars empowering Lissandra , and Spectral Matron being useable on Lissandra or The Watcher, you instantly obliterate the opponent deck on turn 8-9.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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This deck's mulligan is very reactive. Balance out your combo pieces (champions, Fading Memories, Bjerg, Spectral Matron), with your stall cards (everything else). If you're facing a fast deck, mulligan hard for ALL stall cards like Avalanche and Withering Wail. If you're facing a very slow deck, mulligan hard for your combo pieces (mostly your 2 champions and entreat). So, consider the speed of the opponent's deck, and balance your mulligan around that.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-BE COMFORTABLE PASSING. As a very reactive deck, you always want to be considering starting your turn with a pass. Ask yourself: If the opponent passed back and ended the turn, would that be a bad thing for me? Aggro players can't afford to send to spell mana or skip attacks. Reactivity is KING.

-The combo goes as follows: play Trundle for The Pillar, playing this Pillar on turn 8 twice using Fading Memories or from 2nd Trundle. Lissandra can now be played for the Watcher which is cheated out on an attacking turn with Spectral Matron.

-Make sure you have enough board space for the Spectral Matron and Watcher, so don’t be afraid to clear your own units a turn earlier with global board wipes.

-If you have a 2nd Trundle in hand try to let the one on board die so you can save Fading Memories for extra Watchers.

-Never play the actual copy of The Watcher unless you can’t be punished and win the game the turn after, the only exception is playing it at the end of your opponent's attacking turn for an open attack.

-The Watcher is an 11/17 unit, even when silenced they can pack a punch.

-Babbling Bjerg can pull Trundle if he levels, so if you need a Spectral Matron play Bjerg before The Pillar.


👌 Strong Against: Aggro, Reactive decks

👎 Weak Against: Rallies, Irelia Azir, Overwhelm, Deep


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