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Shurima Overwhelm

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This deck is for players who enjoy smacking down large aggressive overwhelm units. Make your opponent's threats Vulnerable to remove them while keeping your units alive until a Battle Fury or just sheer power from your units demolishes the opponent’s nexus.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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For the mulligan you always keep Omen Hawk as it's your only turn 1 play, followed by a Ruthless Raider or Rock Hopper on turn 2. Always keep Ancient Yeti as it reduces the cost each turn it’s in your hand. You might want to keep Exhaust if you have Renekton or when facing a deck that has units such as Ezreal or Azir to minimize early aggression or clear from your opponent. If you're facing a deck that can’t deal with Battle Fury then it might be worth keeping alongside a Ruthless raid for a 11/5 Tough Overwhelm unit on turn 5 potentially.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-Ruin Runner is the safest unit to apply Battle Fury or Shaped Stone to as it has spell shield and requires multiple spells to answer.

-Troll Chant reduces the attack of a unit below 0 if they have 1 attack which can sometimes trick your opponent when having to buff up Ezreal or other Nexus Strike units with an Axe only for them to stay at 0 attack.

-Avoid blocking smaller units that can be used later on with cards such as Merciless Hunter or Exhaust to maximize your damage.

-During the later stages of the game when facing decks with high hp blockers, always try to set up open attacks to prevent your opponent from developing.

-Don't forget that Renekton’s champion spell grants an enemy unit Vulnerable and provides 2 attacks for one of your units which can be very useful when trying to close out a game.


👌 Strong Against: General Midrange, Watcher Combo

👎 Weak Against: Discard, Ashe nox, Shurima Noxus, Spiders


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