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Ashe Marauders

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This deck is perfect for the midrange players who love to control the opponent's units with their own. Freezes combined with your own big units will allow you to shut down any strategy revolving around big units. If a leveled Ashe doesn’t freeze out your opponent from blocking then Legion Marauder will quickly overpower any board.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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Like with most midrange decks, your mulligan depends on how fast the opponent's deck is. For aggressive matchups keeping a Troll Chant and Legion Marauder can negate some early damage whilst keeping your units safe. If you are facing a deck that utilizes a champion like Thresh then keep Culling Strike, even if the threat is above 3 power, as you can freeze it. When facing swarm decks you can keep a LeBlanc or Trifarian Gloryseeker and combo it with an early Reckoning to punish development. When facing slower control decks outside of Ionia then Strength in Numbers can be kept. However in general try to keep Ashe or LeBlanc with some protection from removal such as Elixir of Iron.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-When using Culling Strike against a deck with ways to buff a unit make sure you have some way to reduce the attack back down so your spell doesn’t fizzle.

-When Ashe levels the next draw will always be Crystal Arrow, so reducing the enemy units health to below 3 with some blockers is a smart way to set up for it.

-Using Strength in Numbers on either your attacking turn or when your opponent taps out of mana on their attacking turn to increase the chances of activating it’s attack effect.

-Shunpo needs an enemy unit target, keep that in mind if you want to trigger the rally effect from it.

-Icevale Archer’s freeze effect alongside Ashe’s goes through a spell shield.


👌 Strong Against: Demacia, Thresh Nasus, Watcher Combo, Overwhelm

👎 Weak Against: Aggro, Irelia Azir


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