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What kind of champion is Vex?

In terms of flavor and lore, Vex is a gloomy Yordle from the Shadow Isles. For her gameplay and playstyle, here are Vex’s archetype, role, and difficulty.


Vex is a mage, meaning she primarily uses abilities rather than auto-attacks, and deals AP damage.


Based on her kit, Vex is best-suited to be a Mid laner as her most popular League of Legends role.


Vex has an Average difficulty, we'd compare her to playing Ahri in terms of the skill level recommended to play her.

Vex’s Champion Abilities

Vex has a traditional mana resource and has a very straightforward kit outside of her anti-dash/blink mechanics. Here are Vex’s Passive, Q, W, E, and R (ultimate) abilities.

P - Passive
Doom ‘n gloom

Doom - Vex periodically becomes empowered by Doom. Her next basic attack interrupts dashes and fears. Gloom - Nearby enemies who blink or dash become marked. Her next basic attack deals bonus magic damage and refunds partial cooldown.

Q - ability
mistral bolt

Vex fires a wave forward that deals magic damage. The wave accelerates after a short delay and detonates Gloom marks on targets it hits.

W - Ability
personal space

Vex shields herself and creates a shockwave that deals magic damage to enemies near her. It detonates Goom marks on targets it hits.

E - Ability
Looming darkness

Shadow flies to a spot and increases in size as it travels. Once it stops, it slows, deals magic damage, and marks enemies with Gloom.

R - Ultimate Ability
Shadow Surge

Shadow launches forward, dealing magic damage and marking the first enemy hit. Vex may recast to have Shadow pull her to the marked target, dealing extra damage. If they die, she can cast it again.

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Frequently asked questions


What is Vex’s release date?

ex’s PBE release date was September 9th, 2021 with Patch 11.18. Official release date is September 22, 2021 during Patch 11.19.


What are Vex's abilities?

Vex's abilities are Doom N' Gloom, Mistral Bolt, Personal Space, Looming Darkness, and Shadow Surge.


What is Vex's role?

Vex’s main role is Mid lane.