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key plus features

All Plus features have one simple help you win MORE.

MASTER specific CHAMPION vs champion MATCHUPS

I really like how Mobalytics tells you your specific strong points and weaknesses as well as how to counter each matchup with positioning and when to play offensively or defensively.

learn how to execute champion combos like a pro
Ernesto Hernandez

As a new player this season, combos and quick guides are really helpful for when I want to pick up a new champion.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS and growth as a player
Alastair Hamilton

Mobalytics has so many little things that are really nice like recent activity and progress tracking. It makes it feel like they’re really thinking about everything people would want and need.

Sharpen your skills with in-game Challenges

Challenges work great, I was just telling a friend how my GPI has changed and how I've noticed an improvement in my past matches.

Post Game Highlights
Automatically Identify and Learn From Your Top 5 Plays

Whether a match ends on a win or loss, I love how I can still understand what I can do better next time based on the highlights after my game.

What's included?

Free version vs Mobalytics Plus

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Player Scouting
Player Performance Insights (Badges)
In-depth Summoner Stats
Pick, Ban, and Counter Recommendations
Meta Highlights
Build Recommendations
Runes and Items Auto Import
Game Plan Recommendations
Champion Power Spikes
Matchup Specific Advice
Champion Combos

Frequently Asked Questions


What payment methods can I use to buy Plus?

You can purchase Plus with Paypal and all major cards including American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay.


Can I change my subscription method between monthly, quarterly, and yearly?

If you love Plus and want a better long-term deal, you can easily upgrade your plan within the Billing Info page within the Settings.


Can I purchase Plus as a gift?

If you’d like to purchase Plus as a gift, check back around the winter holiday season. We may have special promotions that allow you to do so.


Is Plus game specific?

Nope, Mobalytics Plus includes all Plus features for all games!


Can I try Plus for free?

Yes! You can try out Mobalytics Plus for free with a 7-day trial.