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Zyra matchups

Support  Patch 11.8

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general guide on how to counter Zyra


Laning Against

Zyra is really good at poking. Opt for extra sustain through Biscuit Delivery if you’re taking Inspiration and make sure you take flat magic resistance early.

Try to stand at the opposite side of the lane to Zyra at all times to make it harder for her to land her Deadly SpinesQ or Grasping RootsE on you.

Good times to harass and trade with Zyra are when no Seeds Rampant GrowthW around and when she has overextended to poke. Zyra will often put herself in a forward position to poke which can easily be capitalized on.


Strategy VS

When she goes to ward objectives, ambush her and take her down before the team fight starts so the enemy lacks crowd control and damage. This can help swing the team fight in your favour.

Avoid moving through unwarded areas in the map as Zyra has great catch potential with her Grasping RootsE and Ultimate StranglethornsR. Do not move through unwarded high traffic areas if you don’t know where Zyra is.

Do not fight in the jungle or around an objective like the Dragon or Baron as your team will be quite close together which could allow her to get a multi-person Grasping RootsE and Ultimate StranglethornsR.


Power Spikes

Zyra is strong at level 3 as she has access to both her Deadly SpinesQ and Grasping RootsE. Expect her to dish out a lot of damage in a trade.

Once Zyra hits level 6 and unlocks her Ultimate StranglethornsR, her kill pressure increases dramatically and she can one-shot the squishiest of champions.

After Zyra has completed Liandry’s, her damage output intensifies. Watch out for her poke damage in lane.

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