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general guide on how to counter Ziggs

Ziggs Laning Against

Ziggs Laning Against

Ziggs’ main poke tool in lane is his Bouncing Bomb Bouncing BombQ. This skill has a short cooldown and does a decent amount of AOE damage. Do not stand in the minion wave to avoid taking free damage.

Look for extended auto-attack trades with Ziggs’ after he has used his empowered auto-attack. As he is an AP champion, he doesn’t do well when trading autos.

Zigg’s will be looking to constantly poke and push the minion wave so he can get an early tower with his Satchel ChargeW. Try to match his wave clear so he is unable to push you into Tower and take it easily.

Ziggs Strategy VS

Ziggs Strategy VS

Ziggs will try to delay a team fight for as long as possible while he pokes with his Bouncing BombQ. Try to force a fight so he is unable to poke you down and force you to disengage.

It’s going to be difficult for you to siege objectives like Towers when Zigg’s is alive. Try to catch him out of position or flank him when he’s alone to make taking these objectives easier.

Keep track of jungle camp timers and steal away his blue buff as it spawns. This will reduce his effectiveness in team fights and make it harder for him to poke you down before a team fight occurs.

Ziggs Power Spikes

Ziggs Power Spikes

Ziggs is quite good in the mid-game and team fights if he is allowed to delay a team fight and poke with his Bouncing BombQ. You can prevent this power spike by not allowing him to poke you down and delay a team fight.

His early game is rather weak but he has consistent poke. Try to abuse him in the early game by looking to play aggressive.

Once Zigg’s has completed his first item, his poke and wave clear is very strong. Avoid letting him force you to recall otherwise he can take your Tower easily with his Passive and empowered auto-attack.

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