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75% AD

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general guide on how to counter Yorick

Yorick Laning Against

Yorick Laning Against

Pay close attention to Yorick Graves. If he has 3 or more, he can spawn them into Ghouls. Avoid fighting him when there are a few laying around.

Yorick struggles in the early game. Keeping the minion wave closer to your side of the map in the early game will make it harder for him to get farm and carry in the late game.

If you’re ever caught in his Dark ProcessionW, auto-attack the walls as quickly as you can. Avoid fighting him inside of it and be prepared to Flash if you’re low.

Yorick Strategy VS

Yorick Strategy VS

Before team fighting, try to pick off his Maiden of the Mist Eulogy of the IslesR. You’ll want to have this beast dead before a fight occurs as it deals a ton of damage and it will make any fight seem like a 5v6.

Yorick has high healing with his Last RitesQ and Eulogy of the IslesR. Grievous wounds will reduce said healing and make him less powerful.

Yorick will look for an Mourning MistE Dark ProcessionW engage on one of your team members. Help them by destroying his wall and killing the Ghouls as soon as they spawn.

Yorick Power Spikes

Yorick Power Spikes

When Yorick hits level 6 he becomes so strong he can 1v2 in certain situations. Killing his Maiden Eulogy of the IslesR is your main priority when it's activated. While she’s up- avoid fighting him directly.

Once Yorick has completed his first item, his damage output will increase. Depending on the matchup, Yorick may start to play super aggressive after he’s completed this item.

Yorick is quite good in the mid-game and he’ll be looking to split push during this time. You’ll need to stop him from split pushing otherwise with the help from his Maiden Eulogy of the IslesR, he will take objectives for free.

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