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general guide on how to counter Xayah

Xayah Laning Against

Xayah Laning Against

Keep a constant eye on her Feathers and avoid standing in front of them. This will reduce her ability to burst you down and trade with her BladecallerE.

Xayah’s rather weak in the early game. Try to abuse her as much as possible to get an early advantage. With low range, she can easily be poked down and harassed.

Avoid committing for extended trades with Xayah unless you have an advantage. Thanks to her BladecallerE and Deadly PlumageW, she wins extended trades.

Xayah Strategy VS

Xayah Strategy VS

Forcing team fights while Xayah’s Ultimate FeatherstormR is down will make winning them so much easier. Whenever she uses it, try to force another fight after healing up.

At times, Xayah will be left in the mid lane with her Support to farm. If you spot her team in the side lanes, force a fight with the numbers advantage and then take the mid lane tower afterwards.

As Xayah is really good at kiting, you may need to flank her in team fights to make it harder for her to kite and escape a fight.

Xayah Power Spikes

Xayah Power Spikes

Once she is level 6, Xayah will have extra protection in lane as her Ultimate FeatherstormR can help her dodge damage. At this stage, it will be slightly harder for you to kill her whenever her Ultimate FeatherstormR is up.

The longer the game goes, the stronger Xayah will become. Try to set her behind in the early game so she isn’t as useful in the mid and late game.

When Xayah gets 2 items completed, her kill pressure and damage output will be very high. At this stage, it would be advised not to fight her unless you have a significant advantage in either damage or numbers.

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