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Baleful StrikeQ
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Veigar Strengths & Weaknesses

Infinite scaling on his Passive makes him a late-game monster. He can quite easily start one-shotting people once he manages to get his first item.

Extremely powerful when fighting in closed spaces as he can easily land his Baleful StrikeQ and Dark MatterW on multiple targets while crowd controlling them with his Event HorizonE.

Very high gank set-up potential with his Event HorizonE. This can allow him to call his Jungler to gank his lane and help him get an early lead, which will be quite devastating for the enemy team.


Very immobile and is extremely vulnerable to crowd control. He has a weak early game as well, so he can easily be abused and killed with a few ganks.

His Event HorizonE is on a really long cooldown, and it is his only form of self-peel. Once it is down, he can be easily all-in’d and killed with crowd control.

He will take a lot of time to come online if he happens to get killed a few times during the early game. He isn’t going to be very effective if the game goes on for too long so try to shut him down early and end the game quickly.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Veigar is Weak

The lane brushes are to be occupied by you, and you will want to land poke from within them whenever possible. Maintain your distance from the enemy as well since you're immobile and will get killed easily.

Your Dark MatterW and Event HorizonE are going to be instrumental in winning this lane. Always CC the enemy target before going in for a trade to ensure that no one can turn on you.

Getting your Ultimate Primordial BurstR is a massive power spike in the lane and one which will let you take over the game with ease. Don't hesitate to use the ability on low-health enemy champions, even if it means stealing a kill.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Veigar is Average

You will have your core items now, which means that you will be hitting like a truck. When in the lane, make sure you keep stacking your Passive up frequently. It is vital for the late game.

Not showing up to neutral, objective fights will be a cardinal sin that you want to avoid. All your abilities make it very hard for the enemy team to be concentrated near the pit, hence use it to your advantage.

If the enemy happens to be too mobile or CC-heavy, just get a defensive item like a Zhonya's Hourglass. It will keep you safe from getting one shot before being able to do anything.

Late game
25+ min
Veigar is Strong

Your complete build will allow you to kill squishy targets with one Baleful StrikeQ and Ultimate Primordial BurstR. Moreso, your Ultimate Primordial BurstR will be up frequently, hence use it liberally.

Try to CC multiple targets at a time during this phase of the game. Your AoE damage potential is really high and can completely wipe out a team if you time it well.

Do not wander about alone in unwarded areas of the map. You are already immobile, and anyone with a dash or spell shield can kill you. Stick with your team and work with them to one-shot enemies.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Level three is a decent power spike as Veigar can trap his enemies and then pelt them with his abilities. A full rotation of his basic abilities will deal a good amount of damage to his target.

Level 6 is a significant power spike as Veigar gets access to his Ultimate Primordial BurstR, which is a really great finishing move. It will help him take over the game later on.

The first item will be a significant power spike as well. This is because his AP will be increased, which, combined with his Passive, will allow him to have more AP than most other players.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Veigar's Event HorizonE will be maxed out by level 9, which will allow him to trap targets more frequently and deal a hefty amount of damage to them. The lane brushes should be used for this purpose.

He will have two points in his Ultimate Primordial BurstR at level 11. This will allow him to blow up enemies with ease as the game progresses.

Veigar's core items will be completed during this stage of the game. This means that any enemy he manages to CC will be taking a lot of damage in return and may probably even die if they were low on health.

Late game25+ min

Level 16 is a massive power spike as Veigar will have his Ultimate Primordial BurstR maxed out during the game. It can actually allow him to one-shot enemies if he has enough AP.

Veigar will have multiple items by now. He should be focusing on fighting around chokepoints regularly. This simply means that he can destroy enemies if he manages to catch them off-guard.

His Event HorizonE cooldown will be really low, meaning that Veigar can get frequent picks on crucial targets and peel for his team simultaneously. This is quite important for someone as immobile as Veigar.

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