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general guide on how to counter Vayne

Vayne Laning Against

Vayne Laning Against

If Vayne ever uses her TumbleQ, use the cooldown to play aggressive and try to kill her. She is rather vulnerable when her TumbleQ is down.

Avoid extended trades with Vayne as her Silver BoltsW will deal extra damage to you. Only commit to trades if you’re 100% sure you’re going to win them.

One way of abusing Vayne’s weak early game is by forcing her to overextend for farm and then calling your Jungler to kill her. Alternatively, you can push her in and take tower plates to gain a gold lead.

Vayne Strategy VS

Vayne Strategy VS

Vayne will be often left alone to split push and farm. While she’s away from her team, you could look to collapse on her and take her down. Do not commit multiple players to killing her though if she’s bot side and the Baron’s up.

Vayne is prone to CC. Locking her down at the start of the fight will make it incredibly difficult for her to kite, deal damage and win the team fight.

Playing around her Ultimate Final HourR will be a great way of increasing your chances of killing Vayne in a team fight. Forcing a team fight one after another will decrease her chances of surviving in the next one.

Vayne Power Spikes

Vayne Power Spikes

Vayne’s first power spike is when she is level 6. Her kill pressure and manoeuvrability increases dramatically whenever her Ultimate Final HourR is up.

Vayne is incredibly weak in the early game. Try to abuse this if you can.

End the game as fast as possible. Vayne is a late-game monster and will be incredibly hard to kill in the late game.

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