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general guide on how to counter Urgot

Urgot Laning Against

Urgot Laning Against

Don't fight with Urgot at level 1 as he will have all his shotgun knees ready and he can quickly bring your life to zero if he can proc them all.

Try to dodge Urgot’s Corrosive ChargeQ and DisdainE in the laning phase. They both have long cooldowns and you should trade with him when they’re down for a better chance of coming out ahead.

Try to stay over 25% health at all times. This will increase your chances of winning lane and surviving. If you’re lower than this, he can just use his DisdainE, auto once and then finish you off with his Ultimate Fear Beyond DeathR.

Urgot Strategy VS

Urgot Strategy VS

In team fights, try to block the engage and Fear Beyond DeathR from Urgot for your low health teammates. In this case he will waste his cooldown on you: saving your teammate.

If Urgot hits his Fear Beyond Death Fear Beyond DeathR try to kill him before he executes your teammate. If you do it successfully your teammate will live on.

Buy a Quicksilver Sash if you want to deny Fear Beyond Death Fear Beyond DeathR execution. The drill itself can’t be removed, but you can QSS the second part just before execution.

Urgot Power Spikes

Urgot Power Spikes

Urgot is good in the early game. Expect him to play aggressive and look for kills.

Once Urgot is level 6, his kill pressure and ability to trade increases again. His Ultimate Fear Beyond DeathR is an execute and getting hit by it will make it very difficult for you to out trade him in a fight.

After he has completed The Black Cleaver, he will be able to go for more frequent trades and he will be harder to kill.

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