Tryndamere·Mid Guide

Battle FuryP
Mocking ShoutW
Spinning SlashE
Undying RageR
Win rate52.2%
Pick rate0.8%
Ban rate11.9%
Matches14 244-
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Tryndamere Strengths & Weaknesses

Your Ultimate Undying RageR makes you unkillable for a period of time. This makes it hard to kill you which can provide you time to kill the enemy.

Is incredibly mobile which allows him to escape sticky situations, waste the enemies time and outplay the enemy too.

Tryndamere is a great split pusher and duelist. He can 1v1 most enemy champions in a side lane during the mid game.


Tryndamere isn’t that good if he is behind and low on gold. He needs lots of gold and XP to solo carry in the later parts of the game.

Whenever his Ultimate Undying RageR is down, he is quite vulnerable which makes him (somewhat) weaker.

Can be kited quite easily and is prone to disengage/CC in team fights. This can make team fighting challenging for a Tryndamere.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Tryndamere is Strong

This champion is an early game bully. Play aggressive throughout the laning phase to get kills. If you can get a kill or two, you can snowball your lead pretty quickly.

Whenever your Ultimate Undying RageR is up, you can look for aggressive plays to try and kill the enemy. Your Ultimate Undying RageR is a great trading tool which makes you much stronger.

Keep the minion wave even or slightly closer to your side of the map early on. This will allow you to run the enemy down while protecting yourself from ganks. If you keep pushing when you’re not ahead, you will be unable to run the enemy down and you’ll be an easy target for the enemy Jungler.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Tryndamere is Average

Split push during the mid-game and try to secure side objectives. Avoid grouping if possible.

Use your strong duelling potential in the mid-game to fight and duel anyone who tries to stop you from split pushing.

Although you’re a really strong split pusher in the mid-game, be prepared to group with your team and fight 5v5. You should usually start grouping when there are no nearby objectives to take.

Late game
25+ min
Tryndamere is Strong

In the late game, look for picks on immobile or miss positioned enemies. Taking someone down in the late game can give you enough time to force a fight, siege an objective or take the Baron or Elder Dragon.

If the enemy is grouping, look to group with your team too. In team fights, continue to focus the squishiest and easiest to kill high priority targets in the backline.

Flank in team fights to make getting on the enemy backline easily. Make sure you’re near your team at all times so you can get in the fight fast.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Tryndamere is extremely strong in lane, especially when his resource bar is filled up. This means that he will dish out a lot of damage and heal up a lot when he uses his BloodlustQ.

He can exert a lot of pressure in the lane while simultaneously preserving his survivability. It helps a lot against both ranged and melee champions.

His first item component will help him a lot in the lane. It will give him a heavy damage boost with increased survivability which will be exceptionally useful for dueling in the lane.

Mid game15 - 25 min

His level eleven isn't too good since it doesn't give him a lot of stats. The Ultimate Undying RageR in itself will be handy, though, and Tryndamere can use the lane brushes to catch the enemy by surprise.

Tryndamere is really good at split pushing due to his kit. It allows him to 1 v 1 targets with ease while also ensuring that he can escape in time should the enemy team decide to collapse on him.

He can pretty much duel any enemy during this stage of the game. This is quite a boon as he can make multiple enemies come to him while his team gets objectives.

Late game25+ min

3 points in his Ultimate Undying RageR will not be an excellent power spike. This is because it only ensures his prolonged survivability and nothing else.

He will be dealing a lot of damage during the later parts of the game. This is since he will have multiple items and will be able to duel anyone.

His late-game scaling is phenomenal, and he can one-shot squishy enemies after slowing them down and catching up to them. It will give him a pivotal role in the game.

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