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Power Spike

Rock SurfingP
Threaded VolleyQ
Seismic ShoveW
Unraveled EarthE
Weaver's WallR
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Taliyah Strengths & Weaknesses

Can deal heavy amounts of burst damage in a very short time, which gives the enemy very little time to react. One such Seismic ShoveW Unraveled EarthE Threaded VolleyQ combo can ruin the enemy laners life.

Her Ultimate Weaver's WallR allows her to traverse a long distance almost immediately and can provide a lot of utility in choke points. This will also give her traction to easily land her Seismic ShoveW.

Her Unraveled EarthE is really effective against enemies who have some form of dash. She can thus make life a living hell for laners who rely a lot on dashes.


Extremely squishy and can be killed if some form of crowd control lands on her. This is especially true during the early game.

Her Ultimate Weaver's WallR has the probability of getting her entire team killed if used improperly. She is also very vulnerable when her Seismic ShoveW is down.

The worked ground mechanic on her Threaded VolleyQ can easily allow her laners to play in the middle of the lane as she can keep barraging her enemies with continuous Threaded VolleyQs.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Taliyah is Average

The lane brushes need to be used ample amounts of time when trying to land your Seismic ShoveW and Unraveled EarthE on the enemy. It will easily let you disrupt fights with ease.

Always use your Threaded VolleyQ in the middle of the lane. It will give you more area to dodge and you will be able to hit most of the shards on the enemy.

Post-six, you should be able to block enemies from escaping or entering the river during neutral objective fights. Make sure you use it correctly though else you may very well end up dying.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Taliyah is Average

Roam and kill multiple enemies during this phase of the game. Remember that you can traverse really fast due to your Passive so make use of it.

Draw pressure while your team tries to siege objectives elsewhere to open up the map. You may also try to sneak some objectives when your team is busy distracting the enemy.

Always try to all-in and pick off the enemy Jungler every chance you get. Doing so will allow you to take neutral objectives easily.

Late game
25+ min
Taliyah is Average

Just look to pick off enemies with your abilities when possible. It will help make team fights really unfair for the enemy team.

Use your Ultimate Weaver's WallR to pick enemies off when possible. This would be a remarkable ability to use when you see an enemy on a side lane.

Try to poke enemies out before all-in'ing them. You may need to get the Blue Buff to ensure you have enough mana to keep up the ability spamming.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Her early game damage is quite potent, especially if she manages to land her Seismic ShoveW on the enemy. Use the lane brushes to catch enemies off-guard.

Level six is a small spike as it allows her to roam but doesn't provide her with anything else. This means that it will only let her make plays, but she still needs to land her basic abilities to do damage.

The first component will allow her to spam abilities and dish out a lot of damage to her enemies. It will be incredibly beneficial during the laning phase.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Level 11 isn't great because she can only roam around and make plays. It will reduce the cooldown but do nothing else when it comes to dealing damage.

She starts coming online during the mid-game. Her burst damage is very significant, and she can quickly get picks with her abilities. Her team fighting is pretty potent as well.

Her first ability will be maxed out at level 9. She can deal much damage now, especially when fighting near the objective pits or choke points.

Late game25+ min

Level 16 isn't that great as it bolsters her roaming potential and nothing else. No additional damage is dealt by her due to that added point in her Ultimate Weaver's WallR.

Most of her abilities will be maxed out during this phase of the game. It will let her deal a lot of damage if she can combo her abilities carefully.

She will be dealing a lot of consistent burst damage during this phase of the game. All she needs to do is maintain her positioning and just land her abilities.

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