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95% AP

5% AD

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Mid Mid  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Sylas

Sylas Laning Against

Sylas Laning Against

To make it hard for Sylas to land his Abscond / AbductE on you, always make sure you’re behind at least 1 minion so he cannot land the CC on you.

If Sylas is able to get on to you, try to disengage as quickly as you can. A lot of Sylas’ damage is dealt when he is on top of you. Try and stay at max range as much as possible to make it harder for him to get on to you.

Sylas has really good map pressure and can roam with ease. If he has left lane and started roaming, communicate with your team and push him in to deny him gold and XP.

Sylas Strategy VS

Sylas Strategy VS

Always keep an eye on which Ultimate Sylas has. If his Ultimate HijackR is a very strong team fighting Ultimate, try to wait for it to go on cooldown before forcing a fight.

Look out for flanks as Sylas will often try to flank in a team fight with his Abscond / AbductE to get onto carries.

Make sure no one on your team is stood too far forward or out of position as it may allow Sylas to pick them off his with his Abscond / AbductE and start the team fight.

Sylas Power Spikes

Sylas Power Spikes

Sylas’ level 6 power spike is really strong depending on the matchup he is in. If your Ultimate is powerful, then his Ultimate HijackR will be powerful too.

The longer the game goes the stronger Sylas will become. Avoid feeding him in the early game to reduce his strength in the mid and late game.

After Sylas has completed his first item, he will have more lane pressure and will look to play offensive. Up until that point, try to abuse him as much as possible.

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