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Damage Type

35% AP

65% AD

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general guide on how to counter Sion

Sion Strategy VS

Sion Strategy VS

Sion can surprise targets that are walking around Summoners Rift alone by waiting in a bush and using his Decimating SmashQ to take them down. Avoid walking in areas where you know Sion has been so its harder for you to get caught out by him.

Kite and disengage is Sion’s biggest threat in a team fight. Try to keep him away from your team so he is unable to get a good Decimating SmashQ knockup.

Avoid grouping and fighting in the jungle as it will allow Sion to either get a really good knockup with his Decimating SmashQ or get a really good Ultimate Unstoppable OnslaughtR off. Group together, but do not stand on top of one another so he is unable to get a multi-person knockup.

Sion Power Spikes

Sion Power Spikes

One of Sion’s power spikes is at level 6 when he unlocks his Ultimate Unstoppable OnslaughtR. It offers him extra kill pressure and survivability.

Sion’s item power spikes depend on which build he’s going. He has two distinct build paths (damage and tank) and each spike at different times.

Less lane dominant champions should give him some space at level 3 as Sion can do a surprising amount of damage in the right matchup.

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