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general guide on how to counter Shen

Shen Laning Against

Shen Laning Against

Shen’s early game is quite strong. Expect him to play aggressively and try to burst you down. Staying at max distance when your abilities are on cooldown will make it harder for him to kill you.

Playing around Shen’s taunt Shadow DashE will make the laning phase much easier for you. If you can bait this ability out, you have a period of time where you can play aggressive and force him to lose lots of health.

Post 6, if he uses his Ultimate Stand UnitedR to assist another lane, try to cancel it with a CC ability. If you can’t cancel the ability, ping and push the minion wave into his tower as quickly as you can.

Shen Strategy VS

Shen Strategy VS

When there are no team fights occurring and when Shen’s Ultimate Stand UnitedR is up, you’ll find him split pushing. Make sure there is someone who can match him in the lane with him so he is unable to split push for free.

Take care as Shen has good ambush potential in the mid-game thanks to his Shadow DashE. Do not go to ward/ walk in unwarded parts of the map if you know Shen has been nearby as it may result in your death.

Forcing team fights when Shen is unable to impact them (such as when his Ultimate Stand UnitedR is down) will help your team come out ahead. Force a fight once his Ultimate Stand UnitedR is down.

Shen Power Spikes

Shen Power Spikes

Shen is strong at level 6 as he gets global map pressure with his Ultimate Stand UnitedR. Ping as soon as he gets his Ultimate Stand UnitedR.

Shen’s level 2 and 3 can be quite strong. If he is in a favourable matchup, it’s not impossible for him to look for an early all-in.

Keep an eye on Shen’s items as his damage output increases depending on the order of the items he buys.

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