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Damage Type

85% AP

15% AD

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Support Support  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Rakan

Rakan Laning Against

Rakan Laning Against

At level 1, play respectfully. If he takes Grand EntranceW at level 1, he may look for an early engage and force you to blow your Flash. He tends to do this against utility Supports when they walk forward to harass.

Play towards the opposite side of the lane at all times. This will make it harder for Rakan to get a successful engage on to you or your carry.

If Rakan misses his Grand EntranceW, you should try to abuse the cooldown and play aggressive. Getting him low will make it incredibly hard for him to use his Grand EntranceW for the second time.

Rakan Strategy VS

Rakan Strategy VS

Avoid grouping too closely as it will allow Rakan to get a good Ultimate The QuicknessR off and he may be able to CC your whole team. Play slightly apart when possible.

Do not fight inside the jungle or around objectives when Rakan has his Ultimate The QuicknessR up as your team will be grouped closer together. Remember, being slightly apart will make it harder for him to get a multi-person Ultimate The QuicknessR.

Bursting Rakan down as soon as he engages is highly favourable. As soon as he activates his Ultimate The QuicknessR, try to CC him and burst him down so he is unable to get a good engage off.

Rakan Power Spikes

Rakan Power Spikes

Rakan has a strong level 1. Watch your positioning as he may look for an aggressive play at level 1 with his Grand EntranceW and force you to blow a Summoner Spell. Similarly, watch out for his level 2 all-in.

When Rakan has purchased Mobility Boots, his roaming potential increases substantially. Ping whenever he goes missing as he is a very good roaming champion.

Rakan is really good in the mid-game and in team fights. Expect him to engage as soon as somebody walks out of position.

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