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Blinding AssaultQ
Heightened SensesW
Behind Enemy LinesR
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Quinn Strengths & Weaknesses

While she doesn’t have a fighting Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR, her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR is a great roaming tool that can allow her to get back to lane quickly and also roam around the map and help her allies.

She can blow enemies up who are alone when she’s ahead. Look for picks on squishy and immobile targets to gain a further lead.

Pretty strong early game ADC who can go for aggressive plays with her early strength to get early kills and snowball.


Quinn doesn’t have a duelling Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR. This makes her weak post level 6 when it comes to all-ins.

She cannot fight straight 5v5. She will need to flank in team fights. If the enemy has vision or knows where she is, she will be unable to team fight properly and will be forced to split push.

You are a champion that is prone to all-in and CC. Mix that with the fact that Quinn is quite squishy, it can be challenging to deal with enemy teams that have a lot of CC.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Quinn is Strong

Use your Blinding AssaultQ to target both enemies and minions when possible. This will be extremely mana efficient and will allow you to send the enemy scurrying out of the lane.

Post-six, you should be able to gank and roam around a lot. Take some detours and see if you can help your side lanes out.

Use your VaultE very carefully as it can easily get you killed if you use it at an improper time. Watch out for ganks as well and ward up properly.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Quinn is Strong

Split push during the mid-game and try to secure side objectives. That being said, keep an eye out on the map as you may still not be able to 1 v 3 yet.

Use your strong dueling potential in the mid-game to fight and duel anyone who tries to stop you from split pushing.

Although you’re a really strong split pusher in the mid-game, be prepared to group with your team and fight 5v5. You should usually start grouping when there are no nearby objectives to take.

Late game
25+ min
Quinn is Weak

Use a hit-and-run technique and see if you can get picks on squishy carries. Survey the map properly though, you don't want to get baited into all-in'ing someone who has their team on standby.

Focus the nearest enemy champion to your carries and work as a team to take down the enemy one by one. If you focus on the backline alone, you may be an easy target for the enemy and may die quickly. By focusing on the nearest champion, you will survive for longer and keep your carries alive.

You must stick with your team in the late game. Do not move around the map or go anywhere unless someone is with you.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Quinn's Blinding AssaultQ is a potent tool in the lane. It can completely negate the ability to auto-attack from one or multiple enemies.

Gaining her VaultE is a significant power spike in the lane. This ability makes her very slippery and a menace to deal with.

Getting her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR unlocks Quinn's roaming potential. She can now go for a 'hit and run' kind of playstyle and gank other lanes when required.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Unfortunately, Quinn doesn’t exactly spike at level 11 like a lot of other champions.

At level 9, Quinn will max out her first ability. This is a significant spike for her as this abilities damage output will be much higher and she will be a lot stronger.

Quinn is quite strong during the mid-game. She will be able to blow up overextended enemies who are walking around Summoners Rift alone.

Late game25+ min

Yet again, Quinn doesn’t really spike at level 16 as her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR is a utility tool rather than a pure damage tool.

Quinn starts to fall off in the later parts of the game as enemies will be buying items that offer them extra protection from her damage.

Thankfully, the more items Quinn gets, the more of a problem she will be for the enemy team. As long as she looks for picks with her team, she should be okay in the late game.

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