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Power Spike


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Win rate50.3%
Pick rate1.0%
Ban rate2.2%
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Qiyana Strengths & Weaknesses

Her Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR is game-changing. If she gets one good Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR off, it could win her team the game. In particular, if she is able to fight inside the jungle, she should easily get a good Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR off.

Has lots of mobility which can allow her to get on to enemies quickly or escape horrible sticky situations.

Finally, Qiyana has a lot of burst damage thanks to her Elemental Wrath / Edge of IxtalQ. This means she can one-shot enemies in the late game in one combo.


She has tons of combos to master. This makes her a mechanically difficult champion to play and do well on. Expect to put in a lot of games to master her.

Depending on her Element, she can be a less effective laner. The enemy will always know what Element you have and they will be able to play around it. Also, having a certain Element may not be helpful in lane.

If Qiyana is behind, she will not deal any damage in team fights. She may, however, be able to get a good Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR off.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Qiyana is Strong

Focus on unlocking all your abilities before you start ganking around the map. This will give you the much-needed damage and burst to decimate enemies quickly while saving yourself if things go awry.

Always gank enemies who are overextended and try to use the river element to CC multiple targets when possible. Once you CC someone, burst them down before moving on to the next target.

Your Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR should allow you to make a lot of plays all around the map. Any fight around congested areas should be an easy win for you if you land your Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Qiyana is Strong

Picks and ganks are the names of this phase. Ensure that you blow up enemies quickly and snowball your lead in the game.

Once you're done with your core items, you should be able to dish out a lot of damage. That being said, do not barge into the enemy team/base. Else, you will get CC'd and killed due to your squishiness.

Roam with your Support and get some picks in the enemy Jungle when possible. Bonus points if this is done before the spawning of a neutral objective.

Late game
25+ min
Qiyana is Average

During fights, use the fog of war to get close to your enemy and then use your Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR at the right time to dismantle the enemy team completely.

If the enemy team is heavy on CC, you will want to ensure that you don't do anything rash and stack up tenacity when you get the chance. This will let you do a lot more in fights.

Neutral Objective fights should be pretty easy to deal with if you use your Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR properly. It is on a very short cooldown, so you will be able to use it quite frequently.

Jungle pathing

Red side

Blue side

Early Game
Early Game
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Her early game ganks on pushed-up targets are going to be quite phenomenal. This is because she can camouflage herself and hit enemies hard in a jiffy. Her damage output will be really high as well.

Level 6 is a massive spike and should allow her to dominate fights and duels in the Jungle. She can effectively one-shot any squishy enemy who is wandering around aimlessly as well.

The first item component will let her deal a lot of damage, and her trading will be highly optimized. She will need to conserve health when possible so that she can all-in enemies and execute ganks properly.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Level 9 will see her first ability being maxed out. This will result in a massive damage increase and immediately make her a high priority target for the enemy.

Her kit is superb during team fights. She can immediately turn the tide of a battle with a well-placed Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR and help her allies secure crucial objectives during this phase.

Level 11 will be another spike for Qiyana, this time in damage increase and reduced cooldown. She will be pretty effective in objective fights and securing picks.

Late game25+ min

She will be outstanding during the late game. This is because Qiyana can burst down enemies easily and take over team fights with her Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR. It may also let her steal crucial objectives.

Level 16 is perfect for Qiyana as her Ultimate Supreme Display of TalentR will be maxed out. She will be dishing out way too much damage for the enemy squishies to handle, and that too very frequently.

She will have most of her abilities maxed during this phase of the game. This means that her damage output will be massive, and her abilities will be up sooner. It should be easy for her to take over the game now.

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