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Soul EaterP
Siphoning StrikeQ
Spirit FireE
Fury of the SandsR
Win rate43.8%
Pick rate0.1%
Ban rate3.1%
Matches1 739-
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Nasus Strengths & Weaknesses

Nasus has insane late game damage if he has been able to get tons of stacks with his Siphoning StrikeQ.

Is an easy champion to pick up and understand. His game plan is pretty much the same in each game too.

Nasus is a really good split pusher and should be looking to split push and open up the map during the later parts of the game. He can be incredibly hard to stop if he is ahead. While he is drawing pressure, his team can siege or fight elsewhere.


Needs time to come online. He is weak early on and cannot really gank unless he has easy kills set up for him.

He doesn’t have the greatest objective control. He will need his allies to help him secure the Drake and Rift Herald.

Relies heavily on the late game to win. As games end around or before the 30-minute mark, his late-game carry potential is lessened.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Nasus is Weak

Make sure that you use your Siphoning StrikeQ to regularly kill the monsters. It is a surefire way to get multiple stacks and take over the game later on.

It would be preferable if you avoid any conflict and focus on stacking your Siphoning StrikeQ up. It is a really safe way to get ahead in the game.

Ensure that you put some vision around the Jungle entrances to check for invades. It will allow your team to collapse on the enemy should they decide to invade.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Nasus is Average

Focus on gaining stacks during the mid-game. It is important to continue stacking your Siphoning StrikeQ otherwise, you’ll fall behind.

Draw pressure while your team tries to siege objectives elsewhere to open up the map. You may also try to sneak some objectives when your team is busy distracting the enemy.

Rotate around the map and assist your teammates if you have to. But, don’t over-commit to help them especially if you can secure objectives.

Late game
25+ min
Nasus is Strong

When you do team fight, make sure you peel for your carries. Use your WitherW to slow the enemy frontline and then focus the nearest enemy champion in the fight.

Split push and focus on securing towers while your team groups elsewhere on the map. Try to draw pressure while your team can get something done somewhere else on the map.

Be prepared to group with your team when you’re unable to get any more objectives alone. Also, look for opportunities to kill the enemy Jungler.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Nasus is very weak early and cannot gank at all until he has many levels under his belt.

When he hits level 6, Nasus’ kill pressure increases and he can start to duel the enemy. His survivability against invades will also increase too!

He can start to gank after level 3/4 depending on when he puts his first point in his WitherW.

Mid game15 - 25 min

At level 9, Nasus will max his first ability. His damage output and trading potential at this stage of the game will be quite high.

At level 11, Nasus will put the second point in his Ultimate Fury of the SandsR. He will be really tanky and strong post level 16.

During the mid-game, Nasus would’ve picked up several hundred stacks on his Siphoning StrikeQ. Keep farming and you’ll become a huge threat soon.

Late game25+ min

The later the game goes, the stronger Nasus will be. The more stacks he has on his Siphoning StrikeQ, the stronger he will be.

At level 16, Nasus will put the final point in his Ultimate Fury of the SandsR. The extra stats he gets from this ability will be incredibly helpful in team fights and he’ll stay alive for a long period of time.

His main power spike is during this phase of the game, as he will have multiple items, multiple stacks, and will be able to blatantly all-in and pick enemy champions off at his will.

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